Where are women of integrity in South Africa to quell the lies and political grandstanding of political simpletons like Ministers Bathabile Dlamini, Nomvula Mokonyane and former AU Chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma who have bombarded our political space with no substance?  The narrative that South Africa should have a woman president has been hijacked by mediocre characters that do not inspire confidence.

There is surely a thin line between having a woman president by merit and an imposition of rogue characters that want to protect their former spouse. The ill-informed talks of Dlamini-Zuma as the potential Presidential candidate leave a lot to be desired. She has presided over African union that harbors war criminals like President Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan. In the midst of a conflict in Burundi; she did nothing to deal with dictators like President Kurunziza who subject their people to inhuman behavior. She has presided over an African Union that has left many Africans with no hope for tomorrow as dictators and war criminals are an integral part of the organization she headed and in the process protected them.

A regional block like ECOWAS was more effective than AU in dealing with former President Yahya Jammeh of Gambia and restored peace and stability in the region. The African Continent was a serious test for Dlamini-Zuma’s leadership ability and she has failed to prove that she is capable of leading a developing country like South Africa outside rhetoric.  She is a heavy burden like her ex-husband and for South Africa to have a leader of her caliber it will be reversing all the gains we have attained over the few years of democracy. 

Judging her works as minister in South Africa; she has come across as an average minister. There is not much that can be said about her period under the administration of President Mandela as that was a period of transition (but there is a big scandal that happened under her watch; the R14 million given to Mbongeni Ngema for Sarafina and in the process she misled parliament) and judging her on Foreign Affairs under President Mbeki will also not yield any. It is her tenure as minister of Home affairs where she failed to turn around the ministry which is notorious for corruption by employees and shoddy work of producing Identification documents.  In fact Dlamini-Zuma was shying away from the heat and the constant complains leveled against her department when she took up the AU Chairperson position and many believed she was going to make some inroads in changing the African outlook and agenda, with her experience in foreign ministry under Mbeki.

“Can we go back and just see what our kids are being taught in model C schools, they are actually taught against the ANC. It is not surprising that the kids will think that the ANC is corrupt; the ANC is useless, because that is what they’re fed. And that must be transformed.”  Dlamini-Zuma was speaking to ANC cadres in Sasolburg.

The statement clearly; state that the education system should be designed for pupil to worship ANC and not critically reflect, think and independently take their own decisions in criticizing the Government. Our education system for the poor produce voting cows and followers of ANC doctrine, it is these followers that protect rotten leaders who steal from the poor. The attack by the presumed president to be on Model C School clearly means her Presidency will treble on the freedom of choice for learners. She will subject people to education that will praise sing and honor the rogue elements.

Nkosazana has been in government for decades and there is certainly nothing concrete that she can produce or give to South African as head of state, she is a failed in her responsibilities as minister and the AU head. She has said that people that protest are against transformation which actual makes her sound like the African dictators that she protected when heading AU, who detain people for protesting. We should be afraid as South Africans to have a head of state with such thinking, and who has the audacity to label genuine protest as rubbish.  She further accuses oppositions for using the judiciary to govern and that clearly points to a leader who has no respect for check and balances.

There is certainly no woman who has stood up to be counted as possible leader; as Nkosaza Dlamini-Zuma has more dirt and cannot be trusted with votes by South Africans. She is representing her family interest and protecting her ex-husband from prosecution after his term. There surely are many women of integrity and stature that can ascend to the first office; but Dlamini-Zuma with the support from political simpletons like Nomvula Mokonyane who believe that a weak currency can be picked up by hands is certainly not one. Women of stature must stand up.   Indeed the presidency needs the motherly touch.


By Ntsako Shivambu






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