Capricon FM News Presenter and artist believes that his career and all that he is came from the confidence he had and still has with his talents and abilities. Tshanduko Ligege ‘Chandu’ is originally from Venda. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies degree from the University of Limpopo. During his Varsity Period, he volunteered at Radio Turf as a presenter then he became the station’s music compiler. This opportunity created more pathways for him as it exposed him to different South African Artists and their music.

“When I was in grade 10, I auditioned to be part of Benjamin Dube’s choir when he came to Venda. Fortunately I went through and I was part of the Venda Choir that was singing for Benjamin Dube and his other team. Since then I’ve never looked back”, says Tshanduko. It is this very opportunity that gave him more poise to push for more and go for greater things. When he went to varsity, he performed his first love song in front of the crowd, of which gave him more confidence to a point where he started performing in gala dinners and different events. He then went for the Mr Turf Pageant, to boost his self-confidence even more.

In 2014, he was on The Clash of the Choirs representing Limpopo Province. “When my contract ended with Radio Turf, I decided not to renew it because I was longing for more than what I was doing. I needed new challenges. I would pray for direction. After 8 days when the contract ended, I auditioned for Clash of the Choirs. I enjoyed it and came to realize that the competition was not only about me because I also got to learn how to work with other people.”

In 2015, he took part in the Heart2Art Project under the mentorship of Nothende as a solo artist. Thereafter he then performed at the Joburg Theatre in July 2015 as well as Kaya FM. He also worked at Rainbow FM as a sports and news anchor and is currently known for being a news presenter at Capricon FM in Limpopo. Chandu released his first single titled ‘Tendi’, which is a Tshivenda song that is about a man who is madly in love with a girl called Tendi. He says that when he wrote this song, he was in a position where he was longing for love.

This journey was not as gentle as it seems for Tshanduko. He went through a few challenges that made him the person he is even in this very day. “I’ve auditioned a lot. Beyond that, moving from radio station to another also came with nerves. There’s always pressure to fit in certain environments. My motivation came from people I look up to me. I realised that they passed through the stage I am at, so that motivates me. Another challenge that I faced and still do face is negative criticism. I am in a position where I’m put on the spotlight and people expect perfection from me. I do mess up sometimes, but that’s how I grow”.

Tshanduko’s life is more about doing new things and facing new challenges for growth. Growth is found in learning and going out of your comfort zone reaching for new avenues. Falling is part of the journey of being a better person. Not a lot of people are keen to moving out of their settled lives for something else that could be better.


By Mulondo ‘Pioneer’ Nethengwe


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