A man of many talents and with a heart of gold; that’s what comes to mind when one hears the name Godfrey Mphatsoe. Godfrey has spent his time in the lime light as Mr. South Africa finalist 2016 and the current Face of Bogart giving back to those who are less privileged.

From hosting fashion shows using disabled and albino models to collecting sanitary pads to distribute at schools; Godfrey spends most of his time doing charity work. He recently celebrated his 33rd birthday with disabled children from Rainbow Daycare Centre in Randfontein. Godfrey chose the school not only to bring the children treats but also to give their school a facelift by painting its walls.


Currently in the process of registering a foundation that will cater for what he believes in; caring for society, Godfrey inherited his caring nature from his mother. “I am raised by a mother who did not want to see anyone suffer around her, she would bring random strangers from wherever and feed, clothe and went as far as sharing the little we had with them; little did I know that I will develop to be the same. Caring for people comes naturally to me; I refer to it as "my calling".


 Having his mother lead by example, Godfrey believes that we all have the ability to make a difference in someone’s life and this is the driving force behind what he does. “The drive that my mother had to touch people’s lives without expectations and the power that I have to do good to others, the power to put a smile on their faces with the little I have is what drives me. You do not have to be a millionaire or have a lot, take time to listen and just be there for others and you will realize your power to move the world positively”.


 “Life is all about making things better for others. Very selfish goals such as accumulating as much money as possible can only motivate you so far.  But when your goals benefit others that you genuinely care about, you are truly pushed to go above and beyond what would normally be acceptable to you.  This is when you will do the best work of your life”, Godfrey adds.


 When Godfrey put together his team and rolled up their sleeves to go paint at Rainbow Daycare centre the gesture was met with so much gratitude. “I visited the school the first time in 2016, that’s when I went to launch a mini library for them and I promised them to revisit. They we so excited to see me again and enjoyed everyone’s company and of course the facelift of their classroom. I also had Charisma Music Foundation T/A BLeeLo Records who made sure that the kids were entertained; they brought their artists and DJS, the kids couldn’t help it but dance to the tune. The educators and Ms. Tatum Solomons - Rainbow Day Care Manager, stated how grateful they are for the gesture as they really needed the classrooms to be renewed. I am looking at renovating the whole school before the end of this year”.


Godfrey is planning to get involved in more community uplifting projects and is currently engaging with Door Hope, a home for abandoned babies, to see how he can assist. “They need all the necessities one can think of from baby milk, nappies, medicines, skin ointments and many more. I always had a soft spot for little ones; they deserve nothing but the best no matter how they came about”.


It is expected that the work of this magnitude would require some resources and Godfrey has been carrying the projects on his own, going as far as using the prize money he won as the current Face of Bogart to buy paint for Rainbow Daycare Centre. Any kind of assistance would be appreciated in order to continue with this good work.


I am one gentleman who is always looking for all sorts of assistance, and the community can be of a great relief by helping with whatever little they have. I stand as a servant to be a drop zone of all that can be donated to different charities. Please like my Facebook page: Godfrey Mphatswe – Face Of Bogart/Brand Ambassador and follow me on Instagram: GodfreyMphatswe in order to keep track of my initiatives”.


By Amanda Matshaka


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