Matodzi Makananisa is a proud owner of the Film, Arts, Music and Entertainment (FAME) Awards and The Limpopo Media. Before Matodzi could even think of starting his own media house and awards for the media industry based in Limpopo, he was working for the SABC in Auckland Park, Johannesburg. He then left the SABC because of the vision he had for Limpopo as a whole, that of having awards and the media house a mentioned.

 “I got bored. I wanted to do something more, way beyond what I was doing at that time. Hence I came up with the idea of a media company. Well, it crumbled.” That gave him time to recollect himself and gather more information on the day to day running of a business in the media industry. This, he says, was not as easy but was just a matter of perseverance. He had to keep going to make sure his vision becomes a reality.

The initial aim of the Limpopo FAME Awards is to celebrate outstanding achievements and talents in all fields of entertainment within the province. This also encourages young and new artists in the industry to do what they do giving it all they’ve got, meaning passion should be dominant in that regard.

The Limpopo Media House is a holding company that is solely owned by Makananisa and some of the company’s interests include Limpopo News, Government Newsletters and the FAME Awards.

This may come as a surprise to many but, Matodzi’s initial plans before tertiary had nothing to do with his line of work at the moment. “I wanted to be a lawyer and a soccer player. I never thought of owning a media house and being involved in different projects in the media sector”, he added.

Matodzi also acknowledged that being the industry he is in is not as easy as most individuals paint it to be, especially when it comes to balancing personal and business matters. He believes that it is all in prioritising everything to work for you. Given that a day is never stable and settled in the media sector, with events happening, ideas developing and new issues to deal with daily, he hardly gets time for personal matters. Just as his family is as important as his business matters he also makes sure he creates time to be with them as well.

In his journey to making the best of his ideas for his vision to be a reality, Matodzi faced a number of challenges of which he managed to surpass. “I had so much doubt in myself. I had to believe in myself for everything to happen”.

As much as Matodzi had a hard time to believe in himself and his dreams, after the establishment of the FAME Awards and his Media House, people were very positive about it as well as interested in the ideas he presented to the public. “When you have a powerful product, which is of quality, to offer to the public and your target audience, it’s easier for people to show interest in you”.

Matodzi Makananisa is currently working ona project of establishing a School of Art in the Limpopo province which is equivalent to a university. Besides that, he also plans to have the first talk radio station as well as a magazine FAME SA Mag in Limpopo and urges people to be on the lookout.


By Mulondo ‘Pioneer’ Nethengwe




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