A lot of people think the tender business is the way to quick money not knowing the risks involved. Tendering is hard especially with scams that are out there and defrauding people of millions of their hard earned money. One incident is the scam which involves the Department of Rural Development and Land Reforms and the Department of Health.

The scam has been happening since August 11, 2016. What happens is that you get an email asking you to quote for them, either water tanks or electrical appliances. All these tenders are well over R 500 000. In my pursuit of finding a supplier online, I came across Jutesc Electrical. Everything including the quote request to the supplier looked very legitimate. Little did I know that everything was a scam.

After getting a call telling me that I have been awarded the tender, I was happy but what I found weird was that my letter of confirmation was not forwarded in time. I was sent from pillar to post and told meaningless stories like their server had a problem; during the week, I was constantly in communication with Candith Dlamini. I was also constantly in communication with Bianca who worked for Jutesc Electrical Company in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.

A meeting was set up between this Bianca lady and I, and I travelled to PE from Johannesburg and was met with a shocking truth. Bianca was nowhere to be found, Jutesc was non existent. They stole a company Jutes electrical consultants and just added a C in the end.  Fortunate enough I met the owner of Jutes electrical who showed me documents of pending cases against this Bianca lady and Candith Dlamini from Department of Rural Development and Land Reforms.

What’s shocking is that they use Deputy Minister Candith Dlamini’s name to scam people. The Deputy Minister has nothing to do with tenders or awarding of tenders to companies. The only reason you would not suspect is because the letterhead is of the government. The only thing they failed to forge was the government website.

 Over 6 companies have been defrauded over millions of rands and the landline number they used to call people to inform them that they have been awarded the tender is not registered with Telkom and the email address is fake as well. They have over 4 different accounts with FNB and Nedbank. The investigation is ongoing yet no arrests have been made.

Before depositing money or accepting that you have been awarded a tender; check the fine print including the letterhead authenticity. Do not be fooled by the names that you see but make a follow up on all that has been told to you. Lastly do not just deposit money without meeting the supplier and tender documents which show exactly what has been awarded to you.


By Odwa Gxumisa

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