The international competition took place at the Henry County Performing Arts Center in McDonough Ga. USA.

Lorna represented the African continent in the pageant. Mrs. Africa CEO, Carolyn Botha says Lorna went all out to prepare for the pageant. “In our opinion, if a contestant prepares herself efficiently for an International competition then we are delighted to be in either the Top 3 or Top 5. Lorna had all the capabilities of winning and for that reason we were very confident sending her to the pageant that she would win a crown”, says Carolyn.


“In fact, we are thrilled that not only did we achieve the Winning Crown for Lorna, but also won 1st Princess for South Africa with our delegate Wilma Ryan! Our ladies went all out to win and both Lorna & Wilma were neck and neck to win the competition”.

The win has put the Mrs Africa pageant in a good position. “This is the first International Win for Mrs Africa and we are super proud of both Lorna for winning and for Wilma for becoming her runner-up. We could not have expected such an incredible achievement”, Carolyn concludes.


(Lorna Greyling with Wilma Ryan)

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