Miss Pre-Teen Africa 2017 Deante Swart Dreams Big!


When did your love for beauty pageants start, seeing that you are pretty young?


It all started when I was just barely walking. I was asked to join in a fashion show at Odensia Primary School in Odendaalsrus in the Free State. According to my parents and video footage I refused to leave the stage.  Today I still love being on stage taking part in various competitions and using the opportunities that come with the power of the title to BE THE CHANGE.


Did your parents encourage you and what does their support mean for you?


Yes my parents are supporting me with my mum always shouting my name and my dad encouraging me all the way. It means the world to me to have parents that believe in me. I am truly grateful. I will always remember when I won Little Miss World in Turkey how my mum and dad cried. I am thankful to be part of Pageants SA family and Trelique models.


How do you juggle your school work with your pageant schedule? Is it easy?


I have to plan to do my school activities, charity work and pageants in advance. I work thru holidays, over weekends and sometimes late at night.  It is not easy but nothing worth having is. Hard work is the recipe to success. I believe the more you have to do, the more you will be able to get done. I thrive on challenges and love learning at my school Wembley College.



What does winning Miss Pre-Teen Africa 2017 mean for you?


It means that I can live my motto - BE THE CHANGE.  It's the girl that makes the crown and not the crown that makes the girl.  With this being said you don't need a crown to make a difference. However you need to make good use of the platform that any title offers you.  I believe all children should be actively involved in charity work, you will be surprised that when you think you are giving that you are actually receiving so much more.


What are your future plans as far as pageants are concerned? Do you want to be Miss SA one day?


I would love to be Miss South Africa one day to keep on making changes in our beautiful country and also would like to be the first female president of South Africa.  At this stage I would like to keep on modeling, doing commercials, charity work, guest appearances, and mc at functions and do motivational speaking. I am a little girl from a little town with BIG DREAMS.


By Amanda Matshaka

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