Artist and entrepreneur Bruce Mathebula, commonly known as Mashegz, founder of Mashegz Entertainment, based in Tzaneen, has put together an event targeted at people living with disabilities

The event is to show the country the importance of the specified target group and to show case their talents. The passionate entrepreneur has partnered with Ojeans (jean designer) and Pedro Antonio (leader of the Talent Development Academy and professor of arts) who are both said to be part of the Mashegz Entertainment pool as well as King Monada.

The event is creating a lot of excitement already and will be taking place in Tzaneen on 01 December 2017. Bruce intends to extend the excitement even beyond the South African borders.

“I will be going to Mozambique, Maputo this Friday (27 October) to the Nelson Mandela Institute in Matola to perform and build connections with them; so we unite together for the benefit of the event”, he said with excitement.

The purpose of the event is to unite people regardless of who they are or what they may be. Beyond all that, this initiative aims to reduce crime in the long run within the community, helping young people express themselves and feel important at the same time. This will also improve the way they look at themselves and their future.

 “I would advise the community to support local talents and skills from all kinds of people that have something to offer that would bring change, be it physically which in some way would be part of curbing unnecessary crimes and inspiring the use verbally and beyond that”, Mashegz added.

Keeping in mind that government has the responsibility to ensure the security of the youth’s future; Mashegz believes that as much as the government may be responsible, people are also responsible in making sure that success is a reality to them; and that is where this event comes in.

Summer Flavour is one event that will make a paradigm shift within the community to create awareness and inspire. "We already have local private institution sponsors that are supporting the event such as the Golden Rewards and Adventure corp and many others. Games will be played that are friendly for disabled people. There will also be sessions with prominent people.  Transport will be organised to get the kids from their places and schools to the event so they get to be part of the fun and inspiring event.


By: Mulondo ‘Pioneer’ Nethengwe


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