The recent judgment by the Supreme Court of appeal on the case relating to President Jacob Zuma 783 charges clearly exposes our country as Judicial driven. The SCA ruled that the decision by NPA in 2007 was irrational and President Zuma should be charged. Centre to this matter is the report by KPMG and the author of the report also implicated in wrong doing in SARS rogue report. 

What will become of this case in wake of the allegation against KPMG? And how credible is the report that implicated President Zuma? How the defense (President Zuma’s) got hold of the spy tapes recordings? Who sanctioned the recording?

What is key to this case and the rulings pertaining to the case is how President Jacob Zuma is using Judicial Instruments to avoid prosecution at the expense of the state. How far can he use the resources at his disposal to avoid having his day in court to answer to the charges leveled against him? It is understandable that his financial advisor was found guilty and served jail time for it in spite of questionable curmistances relating to his parole.  Technical Shabir Shaik is guilty of bribing President Zuma and as such the issue of the corrupter and corrupted is very important.

The courts in this country has taken the responsibility of the administrators and that of the legislators as we have noticed in judgments that clearly expose a nation with leaders who have lost touch with reality. Chief in this lack of direction is parliamentarians who draw hefty salaries in the midst of very downtrodden communities with no access to basic services. The court cases have no relation to the services of our people but corruption and maladministration which is the order of the day in the government. 

A simple issue of awarding a service provider that services grants receivers had to be taken to constitutional court for a decision yet we have a government that has state owned enterprises with capacity to pay grants. The South African Post Office has the footprint in every corner of the country but the social development department did not deem it fit to use their services because there are certainly no kickbacks and the well connected families won’t benefit. The very bad culture of complicacy is sinking the country; we have become a court controlled country at the messy of roman Dutch law. 

By Ntsako Shivambu

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