In celebration of their 60th anniversary, Liberty launched the first Liberty Vuka Knowledge Summit aimed at promoting the generation of new ideas and sharing of knowledge.

Liberty promised their audience that the experience of this summit would sure awaken the curiosity, energize as well as inspire to explore different thinking and make positive improvements in practical and effective ways.

“We are excited about the caliber of the line-up as we are  joined by some of the world’s leading futurists, entrepreneurs, business leaders and intellectuals – Including US mogul Russell Simmonds and Nobel Prize winner Wole Sonyika” said Liberty Group Chief Marketing Officer, Sydney Mbhele.

The event was hosted by two of the most influential individuals, talk-show host and author Timothy M. Webster and radio personality for over two decades Azania Mosaka.
As the lead host for day 1 of the summit Azania said, the aim is to unlock and awaken your curiosity, by unlocking our curiosity we are then able to unlock innovation. For innovation drives progress and progress enables us to change our reality. When you take knowledge and you combine it with curiosity, you are able to liberate the mind, by liberating the mind we are able to evolve beyond limitation, and that is our wish for the next two days.”

While welcoming guests, Mbhele spoke about the Liberty Group brand. “Liberty is not just our name; it’s what we do because everyone deserves to be free. The turbulence that we see today in all aspects of life can only be navigated by those who take the initiative to learn from others and those who are open harness from those who have walked the journey before. ” He expressed more on why they chose the name “Vuka”, It is the acronym used by some of  the global leaders  that essentially says “if you want to achieve in life, you got to realize that things don’t happen on their own, they do not happen by chance, you have got to stand up and do something.”

(Wole Soyinka speaking at the Liberty Vuka Knowledge Summit)


World-renowned, Nigerian playwright, essayist, novelist, poet and Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka shared his wise and enlightening message he brought as the opening keynote speaker of day 1.

“In exploring the relationship between the assumption of power and the role of realizing knowledge, power manifests itself within boundaries. Imaginations stem from certain realities which is knowledge. ”

Soyinka shared some insights and sound warnings about the kind of taboos that exist in our societies that are a threat to creativity, human liberty - as weaved throughout history bringing all the tales together.

You can’t serve others if you don’t serve yourself first

An accomplished game changer, entrepreneur, producer and author, Russell Simmons, co-founder of the Hip hop music label Def Jam Records, mesmerized the audience with his inspiring message as he engaged with the audience.

“We live in an era where money has become the door way to happiness, when it shouldn’t be that way, we should always put happiness before success. Money doesn’t make you happy, but happy makes you money and always know that needing nothing attracts everything. ”

Russell made it known to his audience that God is real, no matter what you believe, it all comes down to a conclusion God is the creator of it all and he is real. He also shared on how neediness is the cause of all suffering.

He engaged with the audience as well when the audience was given a chance to ask questions. A question came from the audience about how can a person be able to help and inspire others when you do not have the resources to do so?

His response was a simple but inspiring answer; “You can’t serve others if you don’t serve yourself first.”

The summit was insightful and very inspiring.


By Bradley Brizzy


 (Top image: Russell Simmons speaking at Liberty Vuka Knowledge Summit)


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