You Need to Matter (YNTM) recently held an event called Letsema that successfully got men engaging on pertinent constructs that determine their personal brand positioning.

The course of the day intentionally served to adulate selected guests as men who have shown efforts to intentionally build healthy personal brands for the benefit of the society in which they are part of. The idea is to reflect that their choices and innate privilege as men can be directed to positively impact the leadership and engagement within their homes, workplaces, and broader communities.



Guests were facilitated through selected topics such as health (physical, mental and spiritual), personal development, relationships, finances and investments, the concept of time, as well as lifestyle choices. These topics were then channelled through the involvement of relevant commercial brand sponsors, who then carried the lessons from a tangible lifestyle perspective.

(An emotional moment during the You Need to Matter Letsema Event in Avianto)

The YNTM Letsema event was a true personification of the spirit of collectivism. The men derived significant reassurance in the power of teaching through adulation as opposed to judgment -which is explicitly experienced through media. Instead of feeling defensive in expressing themselves, they deliberated on the pain point expressed in the yearning by women and other corners of society for their urgent awakening to the role of the Brand Man.

By Kelebogile Makhafola










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