Vukani Khoza , is one very passionate and energetic young man, who has been doing dance choreography for over 20 years. A person who is community driven, who believes that success comes only when you are able to help those that cannot repay you in anyway.


Vukani has been so passionate about dancing since the very early “It all started when I used to dance at parties and people used to give compliments , as time went they would come and ask me to teach them, then I came to a realization that I could pursue this as a career and help the youth. And it has been such a life changing experiencing not just for me but for all the communities I am involved in, as this has helped a lot in terms of getting kids out of trouble and off the streets.”

 His compassion and love for giving back to the community led him to opening his first dance studio in Yeoville Johannesburg; it has since spread all over the country. African Child productions Pty is a non-profit organization that is changing the youth’s lives in communities such as Turfontein, where it receives over 300 kids on a daily basis.

Asked about the name ‘African Child’, Vukani

said “I wanted a name that has originality, a name that will tell who we are, that is how African Child Productions came about. It tells that we are proudly Africans, what we do is mainly African, though we teach all sorts of dance but we mainly focus on African as our core genre. Even our logo tells it all; t we are not limited by borders but we take Africa as a whole”.




Vukani expressed how he finds his joy in seeing his students making it big in the industry, mentioning people like Teddy bears, Msawawa and Durbanites as a few of the people he taught dancing. He also has dancers signed all over the world. Though Vukani focuses more on dance choreography, the organization also does modeling, acting as well as creative arts, adverts and music videos .


African child productions accepts everyone who believes they can move their feet and shake their body and smile, no requirements needed. Dancing is a career that one can actually depend on; “I eat dance, I sleep dance, I dream dance, I am dance. Dance has kept me out of a lot of mischief and has changed my life, and that helps me in inspiring these kids that dance is a career that can change your life” Vukani adds.

Vukani is currently choreographing on Msawawa’s new music video for his new track called Sticksweet which is expected to come out soon.

The vision of the organization is not limited to only south Africa but to have branches all over Africa, “My goal is to have a recreational center with all the facilities needed, we have been growing nevertheless with what we have but the growth is not as it should as I am doing everything out of my pocket. If I could get support from sponsors out there who believe in giving back to the community or the government; we can give the kids what they need to realize their dreams.




African Child Productions is available to all, and to those who might be interested in dancing. Check out their social media pages as it has all the info you need.


By Bradley Brizzy



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