Fill Up is regarded as the biggest annual concert in Africa


(Abhuthi fillup himself (Casper Nyovest) with his team)

In 2017 they have come up with Fill Up FNB which is bigger than the past two; bigger venue, bigger expectancy and bigger goals.because of all the big things involved they have introduced the first ever internship program, which is aimed at giving back. Not only give back to the community but the world at large by giving opportunities to the youth or anyone interested to come on board and shadow the professionals involved in making the concert a success. To get more info on the program we had a talk with the Head of street marketing for Fill UP FNB. John Junior Moeketsane:

The program is all about giving back. We give the youth an opportunity to learn so that they can take over in future because we always have to keep the system rolling which means empower the youth that will eventually take over

The program was out to the public for only a week and it received over a thousand applicants from all over the country such as youth from KZN, Mpumalanga and Bloemfontein just to name a few. It’s a program for everyone regardless of race, gender or age. The program has a number of departments, the only requirements would be based on which department that one is interested in, other than that the program is for everyone.

We also asked why the public was given only a week to apply for the program, was there a specific reason behind the decision.

(FillUp interns)

This was a way to help us marginalize the people, because sometimes there are people who say they would like to do the program but they are not really sure if they can do it. This was all about awakening the African dream – to check if you can really work under pressure; can you make your dream a reality no matter the circumstances and time period.”

Though the internship runs until the end of the concert, there are still bigger goals for the interns depending on the department they are involved in as John expressed on the fact that there are plans in place for the long run that cannot be discussed as yet but they will be revealed by the end of the concert.

We have already done fill up the dome and fill up Orlando, and now we are currently working on fill up FNB and we can confidently say that this is not the end of the fill up concert, for we have bigger goals for the future which surpass the national view. There is so much room for improvement.

(Head of Street marketing John Junior)

Fill up FNB is here not as another fill up concert but to awaken the African dream in an African way and to also send a message to every African child that dreams do come true as long as you are persistent and passionate about your dreams. Dreams come true only when you get up and do something about them.

It’s not just about filling up the stadium but it’s about bringing people together into one environment and share a moment , it’s not about us but rather about bringing as many people as we can together to experience and be part of a historical moment”, John added.


Fill UP FNB is on the 2nd of December at FNB Stadium Johannesburg, the question that still stands is WILL YOU BE THERE? Tickets available at computicket.



By Bradley Brizzy.
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