SA Positive News introduces the “On the Red Couch” a piece aimed at reviewing what the youth is doing to bring about the desired change, growth and development in our communities.


This week we met up with Odwa Oscar Gxumisa who is the founder and CEO of Blackwhite (Pty) Ltd and J Master who is signed under Blackwhite (Pty) Ltd.  

Odwa is a young and ambitious entrepreneur, who is passionate about the growth in others. He opened a PR and marketing company after seeing the need to help manage and develop the upcoming talent.

We have so much talent in our communities that’s either taken advantage of or that just goes unnoticed simply because they do not know where to go with what they possess or don’t even know what they have. So I the decided to open a company that will help artists in finding gigs, market their work, teach them how to handle the media as well as protect them from all things negative in the industry

Though Blackwhite (Pty) Ltd is a small and upcoming company, it has been helping artists in the industry on a temporary basis and it also does pro-bono work as well.
The company is new, fresh and innovative. They pride themselves with excellence and diligence. J Master is the first official artist Blackwhite has under its name.


Anga Simbabalwe Jakuja (J Master) is an upcoming artist from Mount Ayliff in Eastern Cape based in Johannesburg who is very passionate about his art. He is an all genre producer, singer, rapper and sound engineer. J Master has been in the industry for a while, recently released his EP and has worked with artists like Oluthando ( A pop artist) and Dj Leeriks as well as Blaq Diamond (recently released an album named Inqola under Ambitious Records).

Music has been my life; I started producing back when I was still in grade 11. The music industry is cruel at this stage simply because there is no unity, there is no support from those who have already made it and I believe that if we can build each other and be unified we can achieve so much in the industry, “he said.

The music industry is evolving and consistently changing; Blackwhite’s aim as a company is to be part of those that are making history, especially by helping upcoming artists. Odwa also advises the upcoming artists to never give up on their dreams.

Where there is hard-work and determination, results will come forth

Odwa’s goal is to build Blackwhite into a company that will be recognize world-wide not only for bringing up fresh and energetic talent but a company that finds its success and satisfaction in serving its clients.


By Bradley Brizzy
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