It is the first day of school and proud mothers walk their little ones to start an incredible journey.

Ding-Ding-Ding! The festive season is over and now it’s time to face the music as the sound of School bells fills the air to welcome a new day and new students. Parents have spent weeks preparing for this wonderful occasion, buying cute little uniforms, crayons, and Mickey Mouse bags. The day has finally come.





Some Children are excited as they meet new friends and begin wonderful friendships, while others begin to tear up as their mothers walk away from them. Being in a new environment without any familiar faces around can arouse a feeling of anxiety and panic for some children. Mothers should be prepared for any emotional reaction when dropping off their first graders and assure them that they will have fun and they will be taken care of.


Primary school is the beginning of a wonderful journey; this is where we meet our best friends, our crushes and perhaps future partners. The first day can be a bit difficult for some children, due to shyness or separation anxiety. This may lead to social withdrawal and isolation. To avoid the persistence of these issues parents should talk to their children about their day and ask them if they had made any friends at school. A dozen of hugs and kisses are important too!




By Tebogo J. Mphatswe


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