Walk a mile in my shoes!




Imagine walking an hour to school without any shoes, visualize and feel the scorching heat on the pavement, feel the sharpness of small stones you step on, feel the winter cold beneath your feet, not nice is it? Well, somewhere in South Africa there are children experiencing exactly that, the unbearable January heat beneath their feet.


What if I told you that there was a way that you could help these little South African future leaders?


Let me introduce you to a very special lady with a heart of gold, Hazel Kabini. Born in the small town of Phola park, Kwamhlanga in Mpumalanga, Hazel is a beautiful and passionate young lady who loves nothing, but helping those in need. In 2016 she woke up with an incredible idea, an idea to help her community, more specifically to help children who are walking kilometres to school without shoes. She had an idea, but she lacked the necessary resources to make her dream a reality. Eventually it seemed as if the dream had faded, forgotten, and never existed. Until 2017 while she was busy with her studies at the North-West university, her long lost dream came back to her and this time she was ready to do whatever it took to chase it and make it a reality.


(Hazel Kabini)


With the support of her family, church and her dear friend, Mpho Skhosana, she launched her project, Walk A Mile in My Shoes. We managed to steal a few minutes of time to hear what her project was all about. This is what she had to say!




Hazel, we are pleased that you took this time to talk to us, please tell us a bit about Walk a Mile in My Shoes?


Walk A Mile in My Shoes Is a project I just started to show the heart of Christ through giving to the less privileged children. I would like to collect 30 rands donations every month to buy school shoes for primary school learners who don’t have any shoes.




Where do you see this project going? What’s your vision for it?


My vision for this project is very big actually. My aim is to start at primary school level with the provision of shoes and socks and then take it further. I would like to be able to not only provide school shoes to these children, but I would also like to be able to provide full school uniforms as time goes. When I have achieved this, I will grow my project to a point that I do not only provide these things to primary schools, but to middle and high schools as well. I would love for the project to grow into a national movement.


What can people do be a part of this project or to help?


Anyone who wants to be a part of this project can donate R30 every month, because I am trying to accumulate enough proceeds to buy enough shoes for children who can’t afford them. Other donations, such as, socks and school uniform are also welcome. Lastly, I would appreciate it very much if people could spread the message, so we can achieve this mission.




Hazel is currently situated in Potchefstroom, North West where she is busy with her studies. Anyone who wishes to donate towards this project can send their donations to the following FNB account number: 62743344179


For more information on this you may call Hazel Kabini directly at: 079 089 7852






Through unity in Christ, we can achieve anything!




By Tebogo J. Mphatswe







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