The Guptas are not only looting our state resources, they are a bigger scheme of destroying promising Black professionals. The Gupta’s greed is driven by their knowledge and experiences of Black conditions in this country.

The Guptas are destroyers of careers of Black folks, who are entangled in their graft. Just like Shrien Dewani who decided to use Africa and South Africa as location for his desire to end the life of his spouse Anni. Christopher Panayiotou also deems it fit to use the services of Blacks to kill his wife. Blacks are machinery used to do the dirty work of the Guptas and other who think low of Black people; they do this because Blacks don’t win the means of production in the land of their ancestors.

Blacks are slaves in their land, no matter how educated. The Guptas have used the unfortunate situation of Black dispossession to their advantage, for they know that unlike whites one Black person salary feeds many mouths. The Black person’s salary has to address the imbalances of their families which have been inherited due to discrimination by whites who reduced blacks to slaves.

The challenges of materialism and greed by Black professionals who adhere to standards associated with their acquired positions create a climate for them to be tempted by rogue elements like the Guptas and the Dewanis of this world. It is also important to note that poverty is not the major reason for corruption but greed and conspicuous consumption. The Gupta’s have inflicted the biggest harm into the den of Black professionals and have targeted individuals with the ability to shame the country’s future for better. The Guptas have tainted the cream de la crème of Black intellectualism, reduced Black advancers like Mngxitama to be their cheer leaders. They have dug a hole in the path that was created by those who tried to benefit Blacks by strategically placing them into the positions of responsibility. The race to steal wealth and creating legacy that is driven from greed has left many Blacks in a limbo.

Brian Molefe was once a rising star and an example of Black excellence; look at how the Gupta’s have use the man to destroy himself. There is no joy in seeing Black people implicated in scandals on daily basis; it is painful to see how some section of our society as Black people have tried to defend the rot created by this greedy Indian family. Blacks have risked their careers to advance the agenda of the Guptas that have seen them become overnight Billionaires.

 Black honest Business men are struggling to make ends meet whilst a family that arrived in 1993 is enjoying the fruits of our freedom. Our people are suffering, yet they witness aliens reaping the fruits of their hard won freedom where the blood of their ancestors was spilt. Some use the name of Black consciousness to defend the Guptas; I wonder what consciousness is there where people are stealing from the nation.

By Ntsako Shivambu

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