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Change Makers on The Move team, with Lerato third from the left

 “Children are the future” is a phrase we like to use too frivolously, but what does it mean exactly? Well, in simple terms it means that the future of our nation, our world lies in the small delicate hands of children. These children are to become the leaders of our world, they will be responsible for sustaining and developing it further. This can only happen through the aid of lifelong educational development, starting from Primary school until tertiary level. 

Now how do we make these children the future?

As the late Tata Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

We can start by shaping their young minds into strong and powerful weapons, fit for great leaders! That is exactly what Change Makers on The Move is on the mission to do. This is an educational based organization that was established on the 5th of December 2016, with the aim of igniting the hunger for knowledge within the community. We managed to get a hold of the zestful and intelligent founder and chairperson of this incredible programme, Lerato Monguni. This is what she had to say!

What is Change Makers on the Move?

CMOM or Change Makers on the Move is an organization I started in December 2016, with the intention to spark the desire for knowledge within our community. I invited five of my friends (who were hungry as I was to make a difference in the community) to join me in this journey. We are an educational based organization mainly focusing on educational programmes that involve leadership, basic mathematical skills, and the ability to write and read English.


Who is the main target for your programme?

The organization focuses on the youth in our current community; we discovered that young people within our community suffered from lack of confidence and drive to achieve their goals. We also found that many children in grade 7 were still struggling with basics, such as, reading and mathematics, so we wanted to fix this issue from its roots, because the government mainly implements programmes designed for grade 10 to 12 learners, completely neglecting the lower grades.

Where are you guys based and are your doors always open?

Our organization is based in Chiawelo, which is in Soweto. We facilitate our Mathematics and English programmes at Elsie Ngidi Primary School on Saturdays, where we tutor and promote the buddy-system.

Don’t you guys get overwhelmed by the number of school children attending your programme?

At first, we were. We initially started off our programme with a group of grade 7 learners, who were about a hundred or so, and then two months later we enrolled the grade 6 learners. As we began to take in more learners into the programme we started realizing that we needed more tutors. Some of the tutors we managed to get were taking a gap year, unemployed or University students.

Do you have any sponsors assisting you financially?

No, we struggled a lot at the beginning. Like I said, some of our tutors were taking a gap year, unemployed and some were University students, so they couldn’t always afford transport fare. We had to find ways of raising funds to sustain the programme and to cover transport fare for our tutors. One of those ways was to sell muffins and refreshments to the learners.


This group of young people have dedicated their time to empowering the youth and offering them the knowledge that could save them from a life of ignorance and poverty. Imagine if we all rose up and started doing something about the issues affecting our communities. Our country would be a whole lot better. From today be a role model, start touching the lives of young people. Show them that this world is full of endless possibilities and if they are hungry enough to learn they will succeed.


By Tebogo J. Mphatswe





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