In the latest episode of CNN's Winning Post, the programme examines the horse racing industry in South Africa and how, despite the fact thoroughbred breeding is booming, this has yet to translate to the international stage.


Host Aly Vance reports from one of the country's leading breeding operations - Highlands Studs on the Western Cape - where she meets Ross and Craig Kieswetter, who are looking to inject some fresh and youthful impetuous into the industry.


Craig, a former international cricketer, explains to Vance what drew him to horse racing and how the sport can expand: "The racing kind of gives the same feelings of adrenaline and all that that I got when I was playing sport, but the breeding it's a slower passion... The goal I guess for all of us it to try and make it appealing for us it's obviously easier when you are winning but to try and make it fun and sexy and appealing for young people is the challenge for all of us in the racing world."


CNN hears how some of these challenges are magnified by strict quarantine rules enforced in the country, with the current procedure taking up to five or six months to take a horse worldwide. Vance hears that it is these quarantine rules and attempts to contain African Horse Sickness that are the main obstacles that are preventing South African racing from developing on a global level.


When asked by Vance whether these procedures could be considered as over the top, which often makes horses unfit or injury prone, John Grewar, Senior Researcher at The Equine Health Fund explains to the show: "South Africa would like to keep its status as a responsible exporter so absolutely not. What South Africa would like to do going forward with any of our trade partners is to try and use the latest science to change the way we do quarantine."


With trainers forced to spend a fee in the region of $60,000 as part of the current procedure, Ross Kieswetter explains how this impacts breeders: "It definitely isolates us a little bit here... Obviously been incidents of it but probably also at the moment they're making sort of a mountain out of a mole hill I think probably a lot of unnecessary admin is made out of it but there's also a lot of steps being made."


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