In recent weeks South Africans have experienced a new dawn with the apex Police unit the Hawks finally starting to bit, the investigation into the Vrede farm and the proposed imminent arrest of Politicians involved in the scandal and individuals connected to the Guptas. This is regarded as Ramaphosa factor and how he is asserting his authority in the ANC and the government. The Vrede Farm scandal is one of the shocking corrupt stories of our time and this clearly points to how money that was suppose to benefit emerging Black farmers have been redirected to the corrupt politicians and members of the Gupta family and their friends. The Police Minister was quoted saying that Hawks should arrest politicians involved in corrupt activities. The Police Minister started with a bang after the ANC elective conference by reporting that Benny Ntlemeza has accepted to leave the Police and also the controversial former Head of Police Intelligence Richard Mdluli finally relinquishing his post after being on suspension for years. It seems the police are shaking the corrupt lot in our country and this is credited to Ramaphosa.

Above all the sudden change of Eskom management and the board, with the new board instructing executives to resign or face dismissal, this however seems to tremble on the rights of the executives as enshrined on the labor relations act. One of the architects of the LRA former Minister of Labor and Reserve Bank Governor has experienced his dismay at the manner in which the new political leadership has dealt with their foes. Mboweni tweeted as follows “In political leadership, be careful not to make hasty decisions encouraged by forces outside your organization. The media, the markets, etc. never be misled by sudden, seemingly positive market sentiments, its temporary. It will come to pass.” He is obvious aggrieved by the manner in which Ramaphosa has handled the Eskom matter and his recent interviews. Mboweni went further to say that when in leadership be careful not to create an army of the walking wounded. They will come back and haunt you. There are definitely different views when it relates to how Cyril has handled matters in the ANC, and this also can be noted from the commentary of former Gauteng Premier Mbhazima Shilowa who raised concern at the manner in which labour laws are disregarded in removing Eskom executives.

The former Cosatu leader Zwelinzima Vavi also cautioned the hero worshiping of Ramaphosa and this indeed seems to be truthful. Ramaphosa seems to be indecisive when it comes to the question of removal of President Jacob Zuma. In this Ramaphosa era we might see the small fish targeted whist the big guns are not brought to book. We shall be watching the development as things unfold but the reality is that South Africans want Zuma out and delaying his exit might jeopardize Ramaphosa chances to ascend the throne in 2019 and the opposition parties might get something to make noise about in parliament. Zuma is a liability to Ramaphosa, ANC and South Africa. The contradictions between Ramaphosa and Ace Magashule clearly show cracks in the portrayed unity. DD Mabuza sings a different tune to what Ace and Jesse are singing. There is no hope in the ANC as long as rogue elements like Ace are in charge of the administration of the ANC.

By Ntsako Shivambu



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