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Zetu Dyasi is a 27-year-old female, a motivated and driven young lady who is busy writing history to read it. She is originally from East London in the Eastern Cape, currently stays in Johannesburg. She came to JHB in 2009 in pursuit of her tertiary studies at Boston Media House; she graduated in 2012 in media studies, film and strategic advertising.

 She is an actress, musician, assistant director well on her way to becoming one the best TV broadcasters. She has been in the media industry and has worked with some big names such as Mfundi Mvundla on Generations and a platform called ‘Wezwa’, which is an online digital platform for TV shows such Generations, Muvhango etc.
She has co-directed a few projects such as ‘one dance’ music video by Drake.

She then went into acting as well where she did the lead role on ‘Things we do for love’, supporting cast on Now or never on SABC 1 as well as a few reality shows. She is also into the music industry, she released her debut track ‘Get over yourself’ ft Stilo Magolide & Hugo Flow in 2017 and is currently working on her second track with one of the kwaito legends in the industry.


Zetu saw an opportunity in the position that she is in to empower the youth by setting a good example through her music, the way she lives her life, especially female youth from disadvantaged backgrounds within the age group of 14 – 29. She started school touring in and around JHB schools, talking to learners about life, principles, and morals as well as giving them advice on how to get into the industry.



Photo: Zetu empowering the scholars at Norkem Park High School

Never give up on your dreams, though this may sound cliche but stick to school because in this industry, in whatever you do as time goes there is going be someone better than you and you need to have something to fall back on. Stay stable and be yourself, you can never take over the world by trying to be someone else. This is the message that I always give to the kids when I do school tours”, she said


 Photo: Zetu Dyasi & Prudence Lawrence


In 2014, Zetu and her fellow friends started an organization called Woman of Change. The organization is aimed at changing lives and empower the communities by taking females off the streets and finding them jobs, helping drug addicts in terms of getting them into rehabilitation and sponsoring sanitary towels in orphanages and homes where they cannot afford to buy them.

 We started the organization as a group of 4 beautiful ladies but things didn’t work out as a group, we then decided to continue with my co-worker and friend, Prudence Lawrence. We are two beautiful ladies and we are continuing with the organization because we are eager to bring change and women of our caliber are seen as slay queens and so forth and life is not about that. Life is about unity, being a helping hand to someone and being nice and generous doesn’t hurt” Zetu said.


WOC is mainly focused on being a helping hand to females but it still is aimed to empower all walks of life in terms of educating and bring change to the communities in any way possible.

We were inspired to start the organization simply because we looked at the situations in the communities and it's heartbreaking seeing many teen mothers for example handicapped with shackles of poverty before he/she is given a chance to pursue their dreams.” She said.


Zetu lives by the Motto that success is in her DNA and helping goes a long way. Real success is when you are able to help one that can never repay you. These were also the principles that she was brought up with and she is taking it to the world to inspire and bring change through her music and WOC organization. 

Though the organization has been more focused in the JHB Central as it is the central district and there is a lot happening there.

Though we currently operating in the JHB CBD, the organization is not limited to that because our goal is to branch out into other residential areas and even to other provinces as well,” Zetu said.


She also pleads to all the organization’s social media followers to continue showing the support and to also inbox them with suggestions of where they can impact as an organization, where help is needed as this is their purpose because they have no idea what is happening in other surrounding areas.


Your input and suggestions can help bring change and save a life. And you can find us on all social media platforms as woman of change.” She said.


 By: Bradley Brizzy
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