Taxi Math headache soon to be a thing of the past!

Imagine running late for an appointment, you catch the last taxi and guess what? The only remaining seat is the passenger seat in front. For some of us who are really bad at Math this is the closest thing to a nightmare we can ever come across. Of course, it is not that bad, but it is quite a challenging task especially when the money keeps coming forward and you are required to return the change back.

For those that have never taken a front seat in a taxi before, the most nerve wrecking moment is when the driver says, “This money is short”. What do you do then? Who didn’t pay? Did you perhaps forget to pay your fare? So many questions may race through your mind in that tiny state of panic.

Well, how would you feel if I told you that problem may just come to an end sooner than you thought? Yes, thanks to the brilliant young mind of Josiah Thobejane. This brilliant young man has come up with an incredible application, called Taxi Math. This application is going to change the taxi experience for commuters, such as, myself who get a bit anxious at the thought of taking the passenger seat.

“Taxi Math is more than just a math related application; with the help of a friend and co-founder, Donald Pakkies we have managed to make it an even a bigger multi-purpose application to connect commuters with the taxi industry. The idea came to me one day when I was in a taxi and realized that the guy sitting in the passenger seat was having trouble doing the math and in his hand, was a smartphone. I thought what if he could use that smartphone to help him tackle this problem?” explained Josiah.

Q. Tell me about your first programming experience and what drew you into it?

“My first programming experience was overwhelming, seeing all the possibilities one could achieve through programming really fascinated me. The whole experience was not that easy though, because there weren’t that many resources I could use to further my knowledge or anyone to teach me.

What initially drew me into programming was the ability to create anything, all the endless possibilities of creating something life changing just drew me in completely.”

Taxi Math will be available in major stores (Google Play and Amazon app store) and on before the 26th of February. For updates on this incredible app follow Josiah Thobejane on Twitter or on Facebook (Ponso Thobejane).


By Tebogo J. Mphatswe



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