Emmanuel is an optimist that believes that life does not only end with having a great job and a good salary with fewer risks. He believes that the greater the risks the more the returns. Beyond that, he describes his entrepreneurial journey as the growing type of life and an exciting one as he meets different challenges and gets to come up with different best suitable solutions for the sustenance of the business.

Emmanuel is the founder of Emmacon projects which was established in response to the government’s efforts to improve the environment and living conditions for the previously disadvantaged groups and for them to participate meaningfully in the mainstream of our country’s economy. Its primary objective is to create sustainable job opportunities to the previously marginalized communities. It specializes in the rendering of the following services: civil works, building construction, supply of materials, fencing, paving, IT, events management and related works.

When starting the businesss, Emmanuel realized that black South Africans are faced with a challenge of ensuring that they also become role players in the economic development of this country.  The government also manifested this during its election campaign when they said to people “contract to create jobs”.  This suggests that more people participate in the eradication of poverty, reducing of unemployment by creating job opportunities to the people.

Though this business venture was not necessarily a smooth road for the entrepreneur financially in the beginning just like any other successful business, Emmanuel dedicated his sweat into making his business reach into bigger markets within the country and beyond. “I did have capital problems, since am also employed; I decided to use my salary to keep my business growing. This goes together with a passion for it. I had a drive to see my business successful that was the key to it all”, he says.


Emmanel also believed that his family had no problem with him doing things differently and becoming the person that he is today. “I believe that the moment an idea pops, it is not worth sharing with fellow peers or people in general. Do what you need to do without telling anyone. Register your business and if you lack any capital, you can do business proposals or pitch the idea to potential investors. I did everything by myself. My family only saw everything after the establishment of my business, and so they supported me throughout”, he added.


By: Mulondo ‘Pioneer’ Nethengwe

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