A beautiful home for beautiful kids

(The Doober and Wings of Inspiration team)


Wings of Inspiration Dorah’s Ark children’s center has been blessed in many ways through the kind and giving hearts of Anthea Heath da Costa together with her twin Kirsten Richardson; founders of a charity organization called Wings of Inspiration.

Through this organization, in 2017 the children’s home received a major makeover that saw the more than 40 boys and girls being recipients of a beautiful home with gorgeous bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, lounge and dining area. What was left to complete the stunning home was a beautiful playground and classes for the little ones who are not of school-going age yet.

Doober, a new mobile app responded to a request to make the children’s dream a reality. Julia Scafidas, Project Manager at Doober took the time to talk to us about their generous act.

      Tell us a little bit about Doober and what made the company to be part of this project? How has the involvement of Doober assisted in bettering the kid's lives at Wings of Inspiration Dorah's Center?

Doober is a new mobile application that connects property owners with skilled and vetted workmen at affordable rates. Doober was started with the ambition of creating jobs nationwide and allowing workmen to receive ongoing job opportunities. The app currently caters for painting, paving, plastering, bricklaying, tiling, gardening and carpentry where jobs are conveniently coordinated via the app.

Doober is unique in that; semi-skilled individual workmen are targeted instead of already established contractors. Rates are standardized and the App has an in-built materials estimator – making job preparation most convenient for app users. 

As a result of Doober's involvement with Wings of Inspiration, the children at Wings of inspiration will now be able to attend classes in the newly renovated school and playground facility which Doober donated materials and labour towards. The school will be launching on 1 March 2018 – we are most excited about this!


(The playground getting revamped)

     Is this Doober's first and only involvement in the children’s home or will there be other projects that you will be assisting Wings of Inspiration with?

This is Doober's first involvement with Wings of Inspiration; however Doober has also contributed to three other homes and schools in the same manner as Wings of Inspiration.

Doober is only 6 months old and will most certainly continue to be involved with organizations such as Wings of Inspiration in the near future. 


     Tell us about the company’s contribution towards the renovations.

Doober has donated R25 000 in materials and R5 000 worth of painting and bricklaying service, which has been coordinated simply through the app. Our workmen are approved by Doober after undergoing background; reference and criminal record checks as well as detailed mobile application training. This is why we are confident that they will do a great job at giving Wings of Inspiration the quality and safety they require.


     How important is it for corporate to take part in the empowerment and betterment of the lives of those less fortunate?

It is imperative for corporates to take part in the empowerment and betterment of the lives of the less fortunate. Doober was started as a response to the major unemployment epidemic in South Africa's construction industry. As most semi-skilled individuals go through long periods of waiting between large contracts, we decided to create an app that would assist them in getting work more readily, at minimal cost. Moreover, by giving back to charity, we are contributing to the lives of the children in the homes and schools we have sponsored, while ensuring that our workmen continue to put food on their tables.


The kids will definitely enjoy their newly renovated playground and what a joy it will be for the little ones to finally have a school of their own.


By Amanda Matshaka




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