Only my pillow knows my pain and tears


(Pillow Talk Ambassadors with founder; Pastor Rox-Anne Maistry)



Rox-Anne Maistry drew from her painful past and experience and launched pillow talk; a ministry that reaches out to young people between the ages of 13-25 years. Growing up in a foster home, Roxanne, who is now a pastor and a dynamic speaker; found herself lonely with no one to talk to when she went through a very painful experience.

She then came up with a ministry that provides those who find themselves where she was all those years ago – with people (Pillow Talk Ambassadors - PTAs) that they can talk to when they need to be heard.

“As people we always aim to impress in our various roles in society; we always have this permanent smile on our faces throughout the day but when we lay down on our pillows and think of all the pain and all the disappointments; we shed tears that nobody knows about – if our pillows could talk, they would document a book about our lives – and that’s how pillow talk came about”, says Rox-Anne.

“We speak to our pillows through our tears”, she adds. “During our pillow talk gatherings one gets to share about the one thing that made them cry that they never told anyone about. Our groups are intimate to allow connectivity – we are there for one another and to help each other”.

Pillow Talk launch took place at Pastor Rox-Anne’s home in Cresta in an intimate and relaxed sleepover environment.  Pillow Talk Ambassadors and young girls came expectant and started the evening with jubilation in praise, worship and prayer; treated to delectable Indian cuisine. The environment was homely and very relaxed- giving one the opportunity to open up to a ‘family’ as the environment gave that sense.

It is through a tragic incident that befell Rox-Anne at a tender age of 17 that Pillow Talk came about. “When I was at the age of 17 I tried to commit suicide. I knew what I was doing and when I woke up I was angry with God and asked Him why did He wake me up as I knew exactly what I was doing”.

“I remember that night crying; I couldn’t speak to anyone. I cried and I cried until my pillow was soaking wet with tears and I had to turn it on the other side – that’s how I came up with pillow talk. People need to trust us as ambassadors. Our ambassadors are called for what they’re doing; God does not just pick anybody; I believe that He has chosen people who will be ambassadors and reach out to His children”.

(With the next generation of leaders)


Pillow Talk Ambassadors all have their own stories to share from experience to help young people not to make the same mistakes they made. PTAs comprise of a psychologist, a reverend, and women with experience to draw from.

“Pillow talk is about bringing people together, sharing our thoughts, our experiences and helping the next generation so that they don’t go through the same experiences”, concludes Rox-Anne.


Pastor Rox-Anne is also a founder of Ke Nako and Who Told You ministries. She is a wife to Pastor Ezekiel Maistry and a doting mother to two beautiful girls.


By Amanda Matshaka


Images: Yami Nhlenyama



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