From nobody to somebody!


Abandoned on the streets of KwaZulu-Natal at age 3 and picked up by a stranger who saw her picking from a bin, Rox-Anne Maistry’s life had a tragic beginning but thank God it changed drastically and for the better.

“At the age of 3 I was found crying at the corner of a street, with an injury on my head, bleeding. Someone saw me picking from the bin, took me and left me at the social workers’ office.  I was moved from orphanage to orphanage and eventually the social worker brought me back to the lady who picked me up and asked her to take care of me, till they track my family”.


The little girl didn’t speak a word of English and only spoke Hindi and Arab; enough for her to tell her new found family her name – Rekha - when they called her Roxy. The social workers’ efforts to find her biological family yielded no results as they later learnt that her mother had died.

“After months of caring for me, my foster mom was asked to bring me to court, where they summoned my biological mom to appear but she never appeared, so no one saw her, nor knew what she looked like; the court then ordered that I remain under the fostered family. I then asked my foster mom, if she didn't know anything about me, where she got my name, surname, and date of birth from, to which she said that the social worker must have given her the information. She didn’t know anything; except that she was asked to take care of me till further notice".


At age 18 Rox-Anne changed her name from Rekha to Rox-Anne. She learnt that her biological mother was involved in drugs and prostitution; she was arrested and passed on while awaiting trial.

That is what I was told when I was 16 years old or so. But to date, there is neither paper work that she passed on nor can anyone tell me where, if so, she is buried”.

At age 20 Rox-Anne got married to Ezekiel Maistry. They have now been married for 21 years and are blessed with two beautiful daughters. She is a pastor and a founder of four ministries; Who Told You? Ke Nako, Blessed to be a blessing and Pillow Talk.

Rox-Anne decided to participate in the Mrs South Africa pageant; a platform that empowers married women. She decided to use her story to inspire hope and the Mrs SA stage affords her that opportunity. She is now the semi-finalist of the Tammy Taylor Mrs SA 2018 pageant.

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By Amanda Matshaka

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