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Gabriela Mogale from Collegiate Girls' High School in Port Elizabeth designed a groundbreaking way to insulate shacks and make them fire resistant.

Her project was inspired by the fires that ravaged through Knysna last year and she invented it in such a way that it would not go up in flames if a blaze was started inside‚ outside or near it, reports Times Live.

Although she didn't think her idea was good enough to enter into the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists‚ her science teacher persuaded her otherwise.

"It didn’t seem compatible with all the other projects. You might not think it’s a great idea but someone else may see something in it‚” her teacher said.

Speaking to the local paper, she said; “When I saw the Knysna fires‚ I thought ‘why hasn’t someone done something about this because for years‚ informal settlements have been going up in flames'".

She came up with the concept, did the research and created a small shack to test her idea all over a period of just one month.

Although her invention is still in the early stages, the great thing about it is that if it were to be put into practice, it would be inexpensive and something people can make themselves," she says.


Source: W24

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