Bringing change through her passion for music


Ayolla Lekhoasa, a 26 year old world changer who is originally from Eastern Cape in Mount Fletcher, is the second born of two sisters and the only one in the family who is passionate about music. Ayolla is a musician, actress, model, motivational speaker and a writer.

 "Passion and dedication for the industry is my drive. I’m honoured to say that my talent, hard work, and passion for the industry was first discovered by the legend Babu Sizwe Zako in Eastern Cape auditions, who is like a father to me”, she said.

At the age of 18 she moved to Aliwal North where she started her musical and modelling journey. Three years later she decided to head to the city of Gold (JHB) to follow her dreams.m

"When I relocated to JHB I stayed in Soweto Orlando East where I was staying with a friend and her family. I have to admit life was not easy because in JHB people don't treat you like their child like the way things are done back at home, so life was shocking for me here." 

Though life threw her back and forth, Ayolla refused to give up. 

"I never considered going back home without success. I then started being exposed to other musicians who promised to help me but they wanted to exploit me but just because I knew exactly what I came to JHB for I refused to be their victim hence I took time to get my work out there simply because I was working at my own pace which led me to start my own company which is Amazon Production".

Despite all the challenges, Ayolla kept on making music until she recorded her debut track named "U Anga " which is anticipated to be heating up the waves soon.

"I’m releasing my debut song after 5 years of hustling and I hope people will love it and support me throughout my musical journey and as I continue being an inspiration to others."

Ayolla’s hard work, dedication and good lifestyle sets a good example to theyouth.

“The purpose behind what I do is to fulfill my dreams, to inspire and protect the up and coming artists like me hence I opened Amazon Productions to help girls and guys that wanna be the source of inspiration." 

She said that the industry has brought so much change in her life and in the lives of those who interact with her and has been putting in the hard work and it seems to be paying off as she is now exposed to  a lot of Big artists in the entertainment industry and this has come in handy in terms of her growth in all expects of life as well as an artist.

"I’m still in the learning process because I'm not there yet.  

Ayolla strongly believes her passion helps in improving the lives of young people who look up to .

"It really comes as a shock to me when I wake up in the morning and  I see a lot of young people thanking me and asking for more job opportunities and this shows me that I truly am making a difference in others' life and nothing makes me happy than putting a smile on another person's face."

Though Ayolla is passionate about the industry, she is even more passionate about people, she lives her life to give hope to the hopeless.

“I have a lot of girls that I mentor. Some came to JHB looking for opportunities to be in the entertainment industry but they gave up along the way because there just utilized for nothing and promised lies by those whom they looked up to.

Some girls have a background of prostitution but I was amazed to see that a lot girls trust me with their past as they opened up to me and I am glad I am helping where I can even though I am not able to help everyone”.


This is yet another upcoming artist that Mzansi must look out for.


By Bradley Brizzy

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