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Engelique Edmunds is the CEO and founder of Dutchess Designs; a handcrafted furniture business that uses colourful, vibrant traditional designs and recycled material as inspiration.

Founded in 2017, Dutchess Designs uses a traditional print and people love it because it brings them closer to their roots. Another talent that Engelique has is making mirrored furniture;” I tried different designs and advertised them on my Facebook page. The response was overwhelming. I would use mirror instead of glass, so that my designs would look different and people would be interested”.

For many years Engelique worked in the IT industry, and found that she was not growing as an IT specialist; the 10 years she worked in IT never led to a promotion. One of her close friends and colleague resigned; started her own business, and succeeded. When Engelique saw this she was encouraged, took a risk and decided to put all her energy into creating her own business in hopes of it being a success.

 “I thought of becoming a makeup artist like my friend, but when I saw the idea of tyre and rope ottoman on YouTube, I knew that I had found what I was looking for. From making an ottoman with rope; I started getting new ideas of making an ottoman with traditional material. I have never looked back since”.

 Engelique’s client base is growing. Clients are even asking her to design their living spaces for them and incorporate her furniture pieces. Her handcrafted furniture is Eco friendly, all the materials used to produce the furniture is recyclable material.

“This was something different and in an industry that not many people had tapped into. We’re all looking to have something different in our houses” says Engelique.

Dutchess Designs is all about women empowerment, with a vision to employ and rehabilitate women who were once inmates and give them a purpose.


By Amanda Matshaka

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