This weekend the North West University of Potchefstroom welcomed prospective students from all around the province for its open day


The events of the day commenced at 7am and the weather was kind enough to be pleasantly warm throughout. As you walked around you could hear the excitement in these young people’s tone, as they threw their questions at the brilliant student assistant sitting above a long chair with an, “ASK ME” board stuck to it. You could clearly see faces beaming from intense curiosity!


Every faculty worked hard to ensure that their set up was the most appealing amongst all the others. Nicely laid out on the beautiful and lash lawn right in the centre of the campus, these huge colourful gazebos stood there for all to see. The young guests gathered around the one they found more interesting and began to throw their questions. Accompanying their answers was an information pamphlet, containing any information they might have missed and all the important details about offered courses, admission points and steps on how apply for the course of their choice. Their curiosity was well fed and to add to that, some were lucky enough to grab themselves some nice free goodies.

Since the weather was too perfect for the occasion and excitement was in abundance. The guests could not deprive themselves the opportunity to take a tour around this beautiful green campus. During this explorative session all you could observe when you looked around was everyone holding out their cameras and phones and taking a dozen of pictures to show everyone back at home and obviously to remember this wonderful University experience.

Just when I thought it could not get any better, it did! We were blessed with some wonderful musical entertainment from the University’s very own faculty of music and I could not help but take an hour or two to admire the talent. Some confident boys and girls were generous enough to walk into centre of the crowd and show off their dance moves.


The North West University offered young people an incredible opportunity to experience the environment and gather information they need to plan for their future. Education is after all one of the most vital tool in World and without some form of education we would lead very ignorant and unproductive lives.  We need to encourage the youth to take interest in education, so that one day they could contribute to building our beloved South Africa and lead lives they will be proud of.

The North West University now allows charge-free online applications; all you have to do is visit and start your application today!

Just like Tata Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Let us arm ourselves and change the world!


By Tebogo J. Mphatswe

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