Hard work and determination pays off

Through enduring financial and academic challenges among others, Walter Sisulu University students emerged victorious, with some prevailing with unmatched academic excellence.


Walter Sisulu University at Buffalo City campus celebrated a graduation ceremony on the 10th and 11th of May 2018 with two sessions each day. Students were filled with joy and praises when their hard work and sleepless nights finally paid off at Abbotsford Christian Centre Hall where the graduation ceremony was held.


Parents could not hide the excitement they had for their children; with some parents crying tears of joy just thinking of all the challenges they have gone through in raising their children. ‟There were times where I felt like quitting but because of my dreams and goals, I kept going even though it was not easy at all”, said Asive Nongcaula who obtained Cum-laude in Sports Management added. She also added that in University it is important to have self-discipline, morals and goals. Also associating yourself with people who share the same vision as you is vital for success.


Mrs. Ndevu, who accompanied her daughter, concluded by saying, “Words can’t even describe how I feel, indeed God can be trusted”.


Regardless of all the negative beliefs about our generation, with some referring to Millennials as the lost generation; I believe that there is still hope for South Africa. Academically the youth is showing undeterred determination. It is increasingly becoming evident that through academic excellence we can build ourselves, families and South Africa as a whole.



By Neliseka Bam

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