Something new touched the green grass of Menlyn Shopping Centre


In celebration of Mother's Day, the Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa pageant gave Menlyn shoppers a feast for their eyes.


Mrs South Africa 2018 Nicole Capper graced the stage with her fellow Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa companions. The ladies had the crowds of shoppers staring at a very different runway.


The stage held the likes of Second Princess Mankoana Nhlebela, Mrs SA Media Executive, Lisa Madibe and many more. In true South African spirit, we saw mothers from all walks of SA walk the ramp in everyday brands that represent the regular yet spectacular working class women.


You might ask what makes the Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa pageant different from others, well Mrs South Africa Nicole capper said in her interview with me that this was not a pageant but an empowerment program for women. She also expressed when asked what was the most difficult part of being Mrs South Africa, that it was learning to balance, but it was also her greatest gift.


Usually shows such as these would have the interruptions of lack of models or damaged clothing, but this runway was frequently interrupted by quite a few pleasant interruptions, that were wildly accepted by the crowd; the little boys and girls that either couldn't get enough of being on stage or just wanted to be a little closer to mommy.


The Ace Production children not only modelled on stage but performed a wonderful dance item for the audience in VIP and the bystanders of the mall.


We saw how the ladies showed off their heels, their office wear and their sneakers. You could tell from the looks in the crowd that they could relate to the mothers on stage and that their next stop would be Contempo, Body Action or perhaps Bluekids. Lucky participants were privileged enough to be gifted with vouchers and gift bags from various sponsors.


I surely enjoyed my afternoon with the Tammy Taylor Mrs SA team, the moms enjoyed their refreshments and delicious snacks, all the children enjoyed their KFC, but perhaps more the jumping castles and face paintings.


The day was truly enjoyable and an exceptional memory, as well as a great gift to recognize the mother figures, young and old, in our lives.


By Martha Ndaba

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