Healing music inspired by hip hop roots


Chisom Olisakwe is a Nigerian artist, born in the eastern part of the country in Anambra state. He started his musical journey as a hip hop artist in 2005 known as LasB.


In 2006 he formed a group called Double Gees. They produced an album in 2007 called Kokoroko. Throughout the time of being a circular music artist, Chisom knew that the Lord is calling him into the ministry of the Word and music. He left the group and joined his home church choir where he became the worship leader, while in the process in pastoral training.


After the ordination he was doing both ministries (music & the pastoral). In 2011 he got an invite from a South African producer who heard his hip hop production with the the Double Gees. When he arrived he continued the work of a minister of the Word and music but the apostolic calling took priority alongside his music ministry.


While working as an apostle, he was also writing, producing & arranging his music in studio. His versatility in music sets him apart as he is able to sing & rap fusing the genre such as RnB, Ragga, in his praise and worship. His 1st official gospel single is titled "smile" (put a smile on your face) soon to be available worldwide.



Asked if there were any challenges transitioning from Hip Hop to Gospel, Chisom says, “Yeah one of the challenges is that letting go of Hip Hop entirely was a struggle for me, I looked at  gospel music as a tedious thing as of  then because I could not relate with the flow but is all good now”

His Gospel music does of course have some Hip Hop influence. “Actually I  wrote "Smile" as a reggae  hip hop vibe but had to change it to praise because I needed a sing along church song and  something worshippers or any vocalist can sing at church and get people praising God. But I’m going to be releasing a lot of hip hop Gospel; I’m actually planning to release a hip hop Gospel Album”. 

Chisom’s latest music offering will put a smile on your face. “Smile is a feel good song and a song that can get people out of life frustration”, he says. “I discovered that when you smile the devil frowns and when you frown he smiles. The title Smile came because of the importance of smiling in human nature so this single is basically an exaltation and faith declaration song”. 

When listening to his music people can expect to be happy and joyful; “even if they are in a very bad mood they will smile. The book of Proverbs 15:30 says a cheerful look brings joy to the heart; and a smile, they say is the beginning of love. 


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