The attack on Syria that resulted in 14 deaths, multiple children injured and 20 Syrian Military Trucks destroyed by the United State of America exposes the hypocrisy of President Donald Trump; 2013 former President Barack Obama’s request for congress permission to attack Syria was refused and Donald Trump at the time criticized president Obama for his actions in dealing with President Assad and ISIS. Trump reacted to the perceived chemical attacks on Syrian Civilians without proper investigation and attacks a sovereign state, without the United Nation Security council involvement. 

The hasty actions of Trump without Congress approval is a clear sign that he fails to respect the territorial immunity of a sovereign state like Syria and disrespect the United Nation Security Council. There are many players in Syria and the chemical attacks could be directly coming from ISIS and the fact that USA attacked the military compound of Syria by doing so weakening Assad army; which will lead them to fail in dealing with militants from ISIS. The administration of Trump has broken the peaceful agreement that Russian and the United State had in dealing with air strikes. Russia has now declared that their 2015 agreement (the information sharing campaign) with the USA cannot continue as the attack on Syrian army has benefited the Rebels and extremist groups.

In 2003 the United States under President George W. Bush claimed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of Mass Destruction and Iraq was attacked, the President of Iraq was arrested and oil reserves looted. No evidence of weapons of mass destructions was found. The war on Iraq displaced more than a million people which makes it the biggest displacement since the World War 2, it was after the war by America in Iraq that the country became a hub of terrorists and extremists. Do we have a new Bush in Donald Trump? Do the republicans thrive in war? What is Donald Trump trying to achieve by this? He recently banned Syrian refugees entering United State of America, yet his attack claims to safe guard innocent children’s lives. Can the United States of America survive without getting involved in war? The current regime in the United States resembles bigotry behavior in its entire doings, with the ban on selected Islam countries purely based on their religious affiliation. The United States a country that once prided itself as land of the free has turned into a primitive State. The savagery of Trump will lead to more civilian death and ISIS gain momentum in Syria which will result in more extremists gaining grounds in the region.

Syria was one of the best countries, now the country is sanctioned and no banks or companies want to do business with them. The very same children that Trump claims he wants to protect are severely affected by the sanctions from United States. The military actions cannot be a solution in a civilized world and it seems America cannot operate beyond the usage of power. The United States cannot transform itself as leader in a global society that seeks to get rid of bigotry and war mongering. The US has the ability to plunge the world into a new world war, instead of fighting terrorism with evidence and cooperation with world bodies like the United Nations; the US attacks Sovereign states with impunity. The United Nations seems to be shocked by the actions of the US and the world needs to stand up to the United States Bullying.


By Ntsako Shivambu



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