The recent bombing of Afghanistan, Syria  and threats to Iran and North Korea by the United States of  America  threatens to bring a world war very soon as United Nations seems not to be bothered by the actions of the US. The Northern Koreans are reported to be ready to retaliate in case the US attacks them. The bombing of Afghanistan is purported to be a warning to North Korea and the showing of US missiles capabilities. The United State Military has struck the Nangarhar province with a 21000lb (9800kg) bomb which is named the MOAB(mother of all bombs) killing an estimated 800 people including 36 members of IS(Islamic State). IS issued a statement denying any casualties from their militants.

The Bomb is reported to be a non-nuclear and those in the know regard this as sign to North Korea that US can cause major damage, the Koreans are ready as they believed that US has moved closer to their waters in preparation for a strike. The former President of Afghan has condemned the attack, saying that what US did was not a war on terror but using Afghanistan as testing ground for their new and dangerous weapons. Some believe that the strike was in response to the death of a US special forces soldier who died fighting IS few weeks ago.

Pyongyang also tested their nuclear weapons and is ready to strike at the US and their neighbor South Korea. The North Koreans said they will mercilessly foil any US provocation. The US has done numerous military drills with South Korea and North Korea regarding that as preparations for attacking them. In recent visit to the US by the Chinese President Xi Jinping, Donald Trump told China to act or else he will take matters into his own hands and deal with North Korea. China is reported to be cancelling direct flights from Beijing to Pyongyang and considering tougher sanctions against North Korea.  The Iranian Government also warned the US not to attempt to attack them. The Iranians are reported to have said that the attack by US to Syria was a terrorist act and those who celebrate it are terrorists. There seems to be a serious disagreement between Iran and the US; Donald Trump approach also makes it worse.

The statement of the United States of America Vice president clearly point to a nation that is prepared to go to war at all cost. “Just in the past weeks, the world witnessed the strengths and resolve of our new President in actions taken in Syria and Afghanistan”, Mike pence said.  He further stated that North Korea should not test the strengths and the resolve of the United States armed forces in the region. The North Koreans have dismissed the US talks as cheap by stating that they will do a weekly, monthly and yearly missiles test. The vice foreign minister of North Korea Han Song-Ryol said that an all-out war will result if the US was reckless to use military means. The situation put China in a very awkward situation as North Korea is responsible for supplying 80 percent of their coals to them. Trump who during his campaign trail was anti-china seems to be building a friendly relations with China and this put china in a conundrum. The United States of America seems to be impatient with North Korea and this could be due to their interest in South Korea and Japan; and North Korea seems to be a serious threat to the US allies. The Mongolians seem to be resistant to the US bullying unlike the Arabs and US will find it very hard to intimidate North Korea. If the US starts the war with North Korea, there is likely a possibility that Iran might assist North Korea. There are also religious extremists who might have some interest in retribution due to the United States record of wars. The presume war with a sovereign state will give IS and Taliban a chance to penetrate on US Allies and occupy strategic places in Iraq, Yemen and Syria. It must be noted that some of the extremists were armed by the US during the Obama era in trying to remove Al-Bashir.

By Ntsako Shivambu 

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