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A group of students at the University of Pretoria formed a human chain and began to pray for unity and peace on campus. "Jesus is Lord over our nation," they chanted. We will stand together, black and white, coloured and Indian, and unite in one purpose," said a prayer leader.

"Yes," replied students, their heads bowed in prayer. Some nodded in agreement, while one student raised a hand to the sky. The religious group's actions follow violent confrontations on campus over the institution's language policy and fee increases.

Universities have been plagued by racial clashes and student protests against fee increases. The University of the Free State saw clashes between White and Black students after a video showed rugby players and supporters assaulting a group of protesters who had gone on to the field. Meanwhile, tension flared on the campus of the University of Pretoria on Monday over the use of Afrikaans and the situation deteriorated into a clash between black students and their Afrikaner counterparts.


Additional info: news24 & IOL

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