Thapelo Lekoane started singing at the tender age of 8 years at her mother’s home fellowship gathering. Her mother asked her to lead the home cell group in worship and after that she joined school choirs. Thapelo says singing runs in the family. Her parents used to sing together back in the days and Thapelo and her sister used to be backing vocalists for South Africa’s one and only “Queen of Rock”, Karen Zoid who later became Thapelo’s coach in hit reality TV Show, The Voice SA.

Thapelo joined Rhema Bible Church choir at age 12 and went on to become the church’s worship team leader and has been leading for the past eight years. She attributes her growth in music to her involvement in the church’s music department. In fact it was at Rhema that Thapelo was introduced to Karen Zoid.

She believes that Karen had a conversation with the music department leaders of the church where Karen also attended. One day Thapelo then received a call from Karen who said she was looking for singers. She then brought along her sister and a friend and they did backing vocals for Karen.

Thapelo says her spirituality plays a massive role in her life as she draws her strength from her relationship with God.

Asked how being a contestant in The Voice SA came about, Thapelo says she worked with a music production company for a couple of years.

“I used to love working there; I worked with a number of musicians and while growing within that I knew that I wanted to sing. After working in the company for three years and praying about my next move for about a year I then sat with my boss at the end of last year and told him that I wanted to move on and that I was very grateful for the opportunity that I had and he was very supportive”.

A day after Thapelo left the office, she learnt that there were the auditions for The Voice SA. “I went for my auditions and things worked out which was pretty cool because there was nothing else do to and there was no clear plan of what was going to happen next, so I thought since The Voice is here I might as well go all in and see what’s going to happen”, says Thapelo.

“With much gratitude I have come this far and I’m in awe”, she adds. During the blind auditions Thapelo was picked by none other than Karen Zoid.  The blind auditions are named as such as the vocal coaches sit with their backs to the singers in order to make decisions based solely on the performer’s vocal ability. When Karen turned the chair around she was astounded to find her former back-up vocalist on stage. The two have worked well together throughout the competition which has seen Thapelo reach the final phase where the viewers vote for who they want to stay in the competition.

Thapelo’s encouragement to others is to not stop believing. “Never give up, keep on keeping on. It took me seven years to handle my own microphone in church. Don’t quit!”

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