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Bayeza Basha Uhuru, formed in 2013, joined forces with the Constitutional Hill to bring an eccentric music festival annually.


This year it opened its first Basha Bacha Creative Summit on the 28th and 29th of June 2018. The conference catered to creatives who needed to be inspired, learn the business side of arts and engage with like-minded people. This was well executed by a bunch of vibrant, young creative practitioners that have done exceptionally well in their fields. The speakers specialised in filmmaking, photography, design, culinary, music and event planning. They shared their insight on working in the creative space to generate more money, collaborations and ideas.

The audience was a group of creatives from around Johannesburg like Sindiso Nyoni (on the image above) who has worked with Adidas, Nike, FIFA. In his latest project he designed South African coins for the South African MINT that will be released next year for Mandela centenary.

Amongst the speakers was Slikour the founder of Skwatta Kamp, Khanya Mzongwana a chef, food stylist and editor as well as Karabo Poppy Moletsane an illustrator who has worked with Apple, done a Google doodle for women's day and painted the Soweto towers to name a few.




Some of the topics tackled were brand identity, collaborations, innovation, responsibilities creatives have in society and the power of social media.


All the speakers reiterated the importance of knowing yourself as a brand from the principles you stand for, to what you aspire for your craft or identity and hone it. "Find what makes you unique and put in your 1000 hours at mastering it" said Karabo Poppy Molestane.

 Collaborating with other creatives was also a point raised by most speakers as doing so opens the creative world and circulates money around the industry. Silkour highlighted how this type of thinking should begin where most of the audience is at varsity.

‘Have solutions for problems exclusive to our communities’; an example made by the MC of the conference George Matsheka founder of men magazine Marven. He, together with his friends started a stockvel App after they saw the amount of paper used for agendas, attendence register and keeping tabs of who drinks what and realised it was a waste and out-dated. That is how the stockvel app was invented.

The creative conference also tackled the responsibilities that come with being in the industry such as telling stories that are a real representation of the African narrative as told by Africans, giving the generation to come an easier load for negotiating the representation of the black aesthetic in the international media or art space, and the responsibility of teaching the black community that being a creative is a career that ought to be given more attention and respect.


(Mmabatho Montsho)


Mmabatho Montsho actor, director and scriptwriter brought a different view. She spoke of how being a creative is a calling like any other. “Those ideas are spirits or vibes for the modern millennials. These vibes choose a person that will well execute the idea at hand to bring forth a message to the society and that is another responsibility. Creatives are accountable to being alert to ideas, inspirations and content to act on and aid manifest”.


The conference was a well-rounded event where speakers and audience gained valuable insight on the general mindset of all creatives around the city of gold.


Websites for funding creative businesses are: www.gdp.co.za and www.nac.praxisgms.co.za


By Hlengiwe Lesedi

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