Determination and hard work pays off!



IT entrepreneur born in Cape Town in the dusty streets of Khayelitsha, Anele Duma is one of five children to a single mother whom he dedicates all of his success to.


Anele Duma who now resides in East London, Eastern Cape is enough proof that to start your own business is not about where you come from, rather about the courage to face all odds with a positive attitude, courage and hard work among other traits. “I studied Graphic Design at Stellenbosch College for two years and after obtaining my qualification I was hired at one of the biggest internet cafés in the country, namely Silulo Ulutho. I started off as a Graphic Designer at Silulo while still in Cape Town. After sometime working there I was transferred to open a new branch here in East London as there was a huge gap for us this side”


Anele had to function under immense pressure trying to carry out the responsibilities of setting up new office in a new place far away from home. He had to stay conscious of the brand he was implementing this side at all times while anxiously anticipating good reception by their target audience. The 29 year old Graphic Designer turned Business Man describes himself as a „Hustler‟ as he now has his very own internet café.


One of his strongest character traits is the ability to think independently. His situation growing up has never made him to feel sorry for himself, he reiterated. He also revealed that he has a hidden talent of singing which he seldom tells people about. While he was still studying, he used to sing at the Cape Town’s Opera House on a part time basis just to pay for his college fees.


Expressing his strong Christian values, Anele shared his life motto which he says it’s something that the Lord taught him. He is very careful of who he associates with, “You can’t have a kingly mentality, yet walking amongst slaves” he added. His Internet café operates in the CBD, Oxford Street - Central Square in East London.


By Lihle Jadezweni

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