Nathi Mthethwa the Minister of Arts and Culture launched the #Iamtheflag campaign which he explained to be about our identity as South Africans in celebration of the Nelson Mandela centenary. This took place at the Randburg taxi rank, Johannesburg on Friday  (3rd August)


The campaign's essence is to firstly spark a conversation about our identity as people, as communities and as a nation; the roles we play and the responsibilities that come with those roles within our environments. Secondly, start a conversation about the importance of our flag, and the meaning behind its construction.

The minister stated that the flag is a symbol of unity across Mzansi because it is a reflection of what we have overcome. Furthermore he spoke of the 1995 Rugby World Cup and FIFA World Cup in 2010 and how the flag was metaphorically the glue that binds and unites South Africa.


Embracing the flag does come with a challenge to deepen our understanding of symbols that are the face of the nation hence #IamTheFlag, to take pride in those symbols and unite for a better South Africa.

The overall objective for this campaign is non racialism by reconciliation as well as transformation, which the attendees of the launch agreed on, that despite the crisis and difference we have amongst each other the campaign is a good initiative to mend those issues.

This national call injected so much positivity to the commuters by handing out t-shirts, caps, mirror socks and selfies with the minister. All this done to remind citizens that we are a society and we can change the future narration through accepting to embody what the flag represents.


The #IamTheFlag campaign simply encapsulates being the South Africa you long to live in. The success of this campaign will be seen in the long run but the immediate aftermath of it left all in a jolly mood.


By Hlengiwe lesedi

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