National Living Legend


The South African Music legend and a multi million records seller has been honored by the National Heritage Council with an award named The National living legend award.

Thomas Chauke has a career that spans more than three decades with 35 albums. He is soon to release Shimatsatsa number 35 his 36th album and this legend has produced award winning musicians. On the 19th (Wed) SABC music show Afro Café has dedicated their program to celebrate heritage day to the music of Dr Thomas Chauke.

Dr Thomas Chauke started his career in 1979, when he recorded his first album Nyoresh which he didn’t get any monetary compensation for, followed by his Shimatsatsa albums which dominated Xitsonga Music scenes for centuries. Dr Chauke plays live music and he is among the most booked musicians in South Africa.  

His legacy lives on as he continued shining and conducting himself with utmost respect and the man has never been embroiled in scandals, he is an exemplary musician that many should emulate.



Ntsako Shivambu



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