September to remember as we celebrated cultural diversity


Celebrating cultural diversity at campus was the theme of Jeppe college Polokwane through out the month of September.

Looking at the staff that makes up Jeppe College and Jeppe Education Centre we find that there are more than 5 different African countries represented and almost all South African cultures. The institution on the 20th and 26th of September decided to celebrate their heritage respectively. This was not only meant for office hours fun, but it was made to show the world that even if one is away from home, they can still relate as we are all Africans.

The Jeppe College Polokwane campus management was rather pleased when the female staff members put together the events last minute.  “I am very pleased with how things turned out, this celebration was one of a kind and it’s very delightful that the staff members were willing to celebrate the diversity of cultures. The only disappointing part was that the male staff members were not willing to take part, the few that were there did represent but the females really out did themselves in organising and dressing up”, said Mr. Elias Kintu the Campus manager.

Despite the lack of attendance, the day was well celebrated and had great impact as the students decided they will also dress up in their traditional attires on the Friday the 21st September.

Culture is very important in any state or country and as South Africans we are rather blessed to have such a diversity regarding it. South Africans need to understand that they are Africans first before they are South Africans and as such they need to stop treating other African brothers ans sisters as though they do not belong in this country.

As we wrap up the Heritage month it is important for people to know that we do not need to wait until September to celebrate our heritage instead everyday should be Heritage Day to them, and they should teach everyday the young ones about where they come from so that culture is preserved, and people do not loose touch with their root.



By Tlakale “Katlego” Mogowe

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