It is amazing how one picture can store so many memories, they say you don’t know who you have till the only memory you have of the person is a picture.

Photo plus Africa’s first three day event was held in Midrand Gallagher convention centre, from the 19th to the 21st of October. The event was created for photographers and videographers to come together and share different wisdom and advice that they obtained during their years they have spent in their respected fields. The most important aim for Photo plus Africa is to be able to create a community for the creative.

The event was filled with amazing speakers from different photography and videographer backgrounds such as wedding, new born, street, abstract, wildlife photography, tourism photography and more. The different speakers included Brett Florens, Jacques Crafford, Christine Meitjies, Marvi Lacar , Tyme,  Jaco vd Merwe, Danie Bester,  just to name a few .

The speakers touched on how to make photography your full time career, how to interact with your client using your work, but most important how as a creative your way of capturing will be different even if you have to break creative rules once in a while; “no creative will have the same work. You have to remember to always start with the basics”, said Christine Meitjies.


(Christine Meitjies)


With the world evolving through technology every day, as a photographer and a videographer you have to make sure that you keep up with the new trends that the world is going towards. One has to make sure that even though they’’re keeping up with the new age technology, they’re unique through the quality of work produced. Make sure that you attract the right target market that you will work with and have loyal clients throughout your career, through your social media pages and the way that they are structured. ‘’You will have to build different systems within your creativity’’, Tyme said.

“Working with other people from other departments will help you strengthen your profile, e.g. getting together with a make-up artist, florists and designer for a shoot and having a shoot would showcase all your talents and everyone can benefit, because one can get clients through doing that, and the clients will get to see what you’re offering”, said  Brett Florens.


As a Photographer you have to know your equipment, Photo plus Africa also had different stalls that showcased the latest and all types of different gadgets that a photographer or videographer might need whether you’re a beginner or a pro, from lights to cameras, printing options that you may want from your client to the different latest lenses. With passion and the right understanding of photography and videography one can become successful just by telling their story or another person’s story though these channels.


By Yami Nhlenyama

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