No to ‘failed’ remedial system


(Musa Shabangu)


This time of the year is the most crucial and important time for every learner, especially matriculants because preparation of final exams are underway. The Congress of South African Students (Cosas) has come out strongly against a system that was meant to assist learners progress to matric.

"We as Cosas want to make sure that our generational goal is being fulfilled, which is academic excellence", said Musa Shabangu, Chairperson of Cosas Greater Palestine Central branch in Orange Farm. This comes after he raised his concerns about an education system that is failing a black child, called The Modulation System. 

This system was introduced by the department of Basic Education more than two years ago and its flaws became transparent this year. The modulation system allows learners to be progressed to matric if they have failed grade 11 more than twice. When they get to matric, learners have a choice to write subjects that they are comfortable with and the rest they can write the following year. 

According to Cosas, the system has done nothing but side-line learners because the department of basic education does not do follow ups, learners have to wait 2 years to get their matric certificate and during this time, they cannot apply for any jobs or get a chance to further their studies.

Shabangu says that the current education system teaches learners to be job seekers and not to be job creators.

The modulation system strips learners of dignity, they lack confidence and they feel worthless because there is a clear difference between learners under modulation and those that are not. 

Cosas wants Minister Angie Motshega to step down as minister of Basic Education citing that she has failed many times to deliver. They want Minister Panyaza Lesufi to lead because he has the potential to be a great leader and they believe he will meet student needs. 

Shabangu stressed that media houses should not publish matric results anymore because “we live in a technological era, so instead of publishing matric results in the newspapers, the government should implement a new system whereby learners get an sms either on their cellphone or their parents cellphone. This will eliminate mistakes done by newspapers of not publishing a learner who has passed their matric and also, the suicide rate of matriculates will decrease”.

When learners go to camps, those under modulation should be given a chance to experience and learn as much as they can. History should become a compulsory subject because our leaders should be known. "We should learn about people like Robert Sobukwe, advises Shabangu.

“The solution to this and any other problem is to introduce a system of Radical Economic Transformation. This system involves all issues that the minority face on a daily basis such as the education system, health and land issues, whereby, it aims to help tackle these issues”, says Shabangu.

"Radical Economic Transformation is not just a term, it is a system that can change and decolonise each and every department under the government to better the lives of people living in South Africa”, said Shabangu.

By Nonzwakazi Ramaube

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