The growth in the African content market is exponential


This event is created for film sellers/buyers, disturbers and producers to come join forces in sharing information, answering questions and speaking of future solutions for the world of content and media industry. It was held at the Sandton Convention Centre from the 14th of November up until the 16th.


The buyers and distributers came from across the globe. They were put in an exhibition which included a secluded mini conference setup for everyone to set and have meetings in the course of the three day talk. This tremendously connected people to what they came for, buyers connected to producers, distributers to sellers and networker to networkers.

DISCOP embodied leaders in the respective fields guiding aspiring leaders of the industry on where it is heading, the barriers in each media field, how to overcome it, block chains and regulatory measures to ensure that the content can be shown internationally.

It put a bright spotlight on Africa’s 150 million strong Swahili-speaking audiences which is a grand opportunity for Swahili content to look into, a spotlight on the growth of the animation industry and the need for animated African stories. Most importantly it looked at what co-production is and which nations are arms open to work with particularly South African content makers.



Co-production is a facilitation of domestic producers that mingle with producers who have the kind of resources needed to aid with the production of the content. France and Canada are ahead in building relationships with South African producers to co-produce. This is a clear indication that it is easier now than it has ever been for Africa to tap into the international market.

For any content maker that wants to sell their work to international buyers and distributers this is what they primarily look for:

Original content that has a human resonation, secondly the content must cater for the mobile medium outside of cable television and lastly but equally essential is authenticity to where the content originates from (the Africa feel is important).


The time is now to merge the world through content and media. DISCOP has made it easier.


By Hlengiwe Lesedi

Images: Yami Nhlenyama


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