First Mr Icon Gauteng Ambassador crowned


Saturday the 17th of November, the great Mogale City Hall in Krugersdorp had the honour to host and grace the first ever crowning of the long-anticipated Mr Icon Gauteng founded by Godfrey “Gee” Mphatswe, an international model, Mr South Africa 2016 finalist & former Mr South Africa Board member, Gauteng fashion counsel former board member and Face of Bogart 2017. Mr Mphatswe has laid forth the platform for building and empowering young and driven South African youth. He began his first initiative with the Gee-Junction Disability and Albino Awareness Fashion show in 2016, upon realizing its success and effect on the public he ventured further into establishing the Mr Icon Gauteng with the aim of building young South African men into great leaders and change makers.

“My vision for the Mr Icon Gauteng Brand is to see it go further in the fight against substance abuse and crime amongst our youth, while also celebrating young men in Gauteng with the aim of restoring their hope and dignity. This will help them recognize their own capabilities in leadership and community building and perhaps stimulate interest in male pageantry.

The ideal ambassador for the Mr Icon Gauteng needs to be original and able to apply himself in his offerings. Our newly crowned Mr Icon Gauteng is without a doubt capable of delivering and serving our nation significantly. He has learnt and grown a lot through this journey and I couldn’t be anymore proud. We are all excited and looking forward to working together in addressing issues that are faced by our youth and society as a whole” explained the Mr Mphatswe.

Born in the great city of Johannesburg, Julian Siyabonga Ncube KaNdlovu, also known as “Juju” has received the honour to be the first ever Mr Icon Gauteng ambassador. Growing up a vey troublesome and playful young boy with dreams of one day going to University to study IT and gracing the stage with his presence and being featured in magazines all around the nation. Julian has always carried great respect for everyone he came across and showed kindness whenever he could. He began his schooling journey at the Roseneath primary school, and then relocated to Cosmo City to resume his schooling at Tirisano Mogo Junior secondary school, to then completing his matric at Cosmo City Secondary school. Now, an IT Management major at the University of Johannesburg, Julian has managed to tackle all the obstacles in his way and achieve his dream of advancing his education in a course he truly admired. However, he is drawn to the lights, cameras and the stage. His passion for modelling and photography has only grown ferociously through the years. Julian’s current mission now is to graduate and take over the world of pageantry. This incredible and driven young man was kind enough to borrow us some of his time to give us a closer look into his journey to winning the very first Mr Icon Gauteng title.

How did you get to enter the Mr Icon Gauteng pageant?

Well, after I met the founder of Mr Icon Gauteng, Godfrey, I followed him on Facebook and I saw a post on his wall announcing the upcoming Mr Icon Gauteng Pageant. I just decided to give it a shot and applied for it online and I received an SMS stating that I have been selected.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

I love going to church, playing snooker/pool, listening to music and socializing with people.


What is your favourite dish?

My favourite dish is Lasagne!  


What are your greatest values?

My greatest values are: Commitment, Dedication and Love.


How did you feel when they announced you as the winner?

I honestly felt like crying, but at the same time I felt very excited by the fact that I have just won.

Did you expect that you would win?

Yes, I did, from all the hard work I’ve put in. However, I only expected to win the first or second prince


What can we expect from you as the newly crowned ambassador of Mr Icon Gauteng?

I have been called to bring awareness and empowerment to young boys or young men and help them develop selflove and confidence. I will start with the schools in my area and advance to other communities, so that I can inspire young boys to grow into the kind men we need in our society. This will raise a generation of stronger and driven men that can tackle any challenge in a very humanistic manner. However, with all these goals directed into building young boys, I will not forget to include our girls too.


How do you plan to achieve change within our societies?

By targeting young boys wherever I go and using every opportunity that I get to the fullest. I will not only tell them about my journey, but I will also show them how much potential they have and how they can harness it to their benefit.  


Where do you think our Government fails when it comes to youth empowerment? How do you think you can contribute to make this problem less strenuous on our youth?

When it comes to youth unemployment, I feel like the government does not put enough focus on creating a space for young people in townships to learn and acquire the necessary skills for advancing their future. Young people in townships are not helped with creating Curriculum Vitaes or applications to higher learning institutions. I would like to fill these tiny blind-spots that have been missed or ignored.

What are your views on the “Man Are Trash” movement and the constantly reoccurring rape/violent attacks on women?

My take on it is that not all Men are trash nor rapist, but this situation requires all men to sit down and address this issue. The anger and rage within some men needs to be managed, because this make it seem like all men are broken and violent. We need to acknowledge that this problem is real and apologies need to be made to all the women that have been harmed.


Where can we follow you to know more about your upcoming ventures?

I am on Facebook and Instagram:

On Facebook I am “Julian Ncube KaNdlovu” and my Instagram handle is “julian_jujuman”.

This young man’s journey has only begun, and I have a feeling that we will be seeing more of him. The power has now been poured into the hands of the youth. It is time they started playing the catalyst in social change and inspiring those around them to also rise.


By Tebogo Mphatswe

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