Poverty alleviation hope for EC rural areas


Rural enterprise development (RED) Hub projects in the Eastern Cape have immerged as poverty alleviation hope for so many in the province. Launched and funded by the ECRDA, this project’s main focus is to alleviate poverty and urbanisation through agriculture and milling processing of crops planted by local farmers.

 Since the establishment of Mqanduli RED HUB MILLING PLANT in 2013 many opportunities have immerged for people living in MQANDULI KSD MUNICIPALITY at large; from skills development, employment opportunities and increased interest and growth in the farming agriculture industry.

In particular the RED HUB PROJECT encourages farmers and local buying, by providing local farmers with necessary skills for farming and the equipment to grow crops. Thereafter, the harvested crops are bought by the milling plant to produce super white maize and samp as well as other by-products which are then sold at an affordable price.

This initiative has brought many people skills and employment opportunities. The exciting part in all this is that employees for this project are from the surrounding community. Moreover, this enterprise has been taking in students for internships and training over the years since its establishment.

For the Eastern Cape Province, this means less urbanisation by its people, manufacturing and buying of own product and the province is growing its own economy!


Other RED HUBS that are part of this initiative are located in Mbizana, Lady Frere and Ncorha, operating the same as Mqanduli RED HUB. “We are determined to expand and become a large recognisable agricultural farming and maize processing enterprise in the Eastern Cape and South Africa at large”, said Siseko Mziba the Hub Supervisor in Mqanduli.


By Zizipho Nxopo

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