People often underestimate the power of social media. It is funny because we live in a world that is dominated by social media smart people. There has been and always will be people who use social media for the greater good. This is no different from what Thapelo Nchabeleng, Harris Lekgolo, Andrew, Nchabeleng, Tshepo Nchabeleng and Kgotso Matsimela did on the 29th December 2018.

Earlier last year in February 2018 Sthembiso Makobe was shot when criminals attacked pupils during a study group in the Apel area and is now paralysed from the neck down. The Facebook Operation crew saw it is best to use this year’s event to raise funds to help Sthembiso with his medical needs and hopefully make enough money to move him to a private hospital where he will get specialised care.

“The Operation Ke Operation idea was brought by the Facebook trend of checking in at places and seeing who is around the same location, in that fashion you get to meet someone you’ve never met before hence we came up with the slogan Meet your famous stranger.” Said Thapelo Nchabeleng This tag line was made up because there are a lot of people who are famous on Facebook but not everyone has met them and events such as Operation Ke Operation are a perfect space to meet such people.

The first Operation Ke Operation event was held on the 29 December 2015 at Ga Nchabeleng in the Sekhukhune district, then it was decided that it should move to Apel also in the Sekhukhune district. The aim of this event is for young people to meet and share ideas around business and education, and also to come up with idea for social cohesion.



As much as Operation Ke Operation is a social cohesion it is sometimes run on charity arrangements like that of Sthembiso. Operation Ke Operation is not limited to helping Sthembiso only; their future plans include running charity events in the society throughout depending on the loopholes they identify in the society.

Operation Ke Operation is being run without sponsors and yet they have run 4 successful events, though they could use some sponsors because the crowd keeps increasing by the year and it is becoming a bit difficult to accommodate it. The operation is also open to sharing their events with other social media influencers that have the same mind set of helping the less fortunate and bringing together crowds for a good course.

Operation Ke Operation was initially known as Operation Meet Your Facebook friends but because of the hype around the whole event it became Operation Ke Operation. The event is hosted annually on the 29th December.


By Tlakale “TheJourno” Mogowe

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