On The Red Couch with Nora Laini Salumu 

This week on The Red Couch, we met up with a passionate lady by the name of Nora, who is the founder of LIVING Soul INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION, a Christian organization headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa.Living Soul International Organization is a registered NPO in South Africa, Pretoria.  It is an organization that was planted into Nora's heart to help vulnerable children, the elderly, albinos, orphans, the physically disabled and in addition provide motivational talks.

The organisation operates in the African continent in countries such as South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Living Soul Organization has a network of six community based programs, impacting over 3000 people around Africa,  primarily focusing on the orphaned, widows, elderly, physically challenged, destitute, albinos, and vulnerable children, feeding schemes (food parcels and donating clothing items).

"One thing we need to understand is that not everyone is in a position to help themselves and so if you do have the resources to assist someone who is in need, why not?", says Nora.

Living Soul Org is focused on developing significant partnerships with stakeholders in different International countries, and funding in organizations to ensure the sustainability of projects in AFRICA. "We do not believe in the practice of providing continuous handouts, which do not uplift, but create dependency. Living Soul is more concerned about empowering each and every one in need in a lasting manner. "Handouts are managed carefully and are reserved for crisis situations in order to avoid a dependency situation" she said The organisation has programs in place to help empower and uplift those in need such as ; Home based care (medical aid service), Albinism (albinos),  X-squared care, Youth / Young Adult program, Elderly of Hope etc.

Giving (serving homeless people) is and has always been a big part of Nora's life; at the age of 8, Nora had already began to explore a talent and passion she had discovered only a few moon prior. Her giving started as simple as giving away her clothing to orphans, individualsand group of people every now and again. Her drive and passion for helping the needy was noticed by the Faith and Victory Jesus Christ Ministry during  their charities services and outreaches.
Inspired and motivated by the work of Bishop TD Jakes, Nora made a commitment to start an organisation that would do what she has always been passionate about - helping the needy.

She dedicated herself to work and invest her monthly salaries to charity programs she would host, just to gather the widows, vulnerable children, orphans, and physically challenged people in her surrounding areas. Her very first outreach, she managed to help quite a huge number of widows, vulnerable children, and elderly by giving them food parcels, clothing and shared lunch with them. It was a great experience as she also got the opportunity to lead them to the Lord. For Nora, to  witness people giving their lives to Jesus Christ it brought so much Joy in her heart, and ever since then she has made it her everyday goal to lead people to Jesus Christ, by making every soul, a living soul through practical actions.
Her passion to help the needy has led her to travel to countries all over Africa, doing outreaches, handing out food parcels, motivational talks, as well fight for human rights.
Nora's motto in life is,

"Let love lead just as Christ did", and this is the motto that she strongly stands for, which she prays will be installed in the hearts of man.

By Bradley Brizzy
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