A day after assuming the chairmanship of the African Union, the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, His Excellency Abdelfattah El-Sisi Awarded 12 year old Stacey Fru with her first International Award on the 18th of March 2019 in Aswan, Egypt.


Stacey was the youngest of 14 youths from Arab and Africa that were awarded during the Arab Africa Youth Platform 2019 , a World Youth Forum initiative and first of its kind hosted under the auspices of the President  in Egypt.


Stacey is recognised for being a Bestselling Multiple Award Winning Child Author of 3 books, a philanthropist and a motivator. Through her foundation, Stacey gives to underprivileged and unaccessible children in forms of books, clothing, computers, foods, learning sessions, etc. Stacey Fru is also the Custodian of the first ever AfrICAN Children of the Year Awards hosted every 1st Saturday of November in Johannesburg. Among her many educational projects, Stacey uses her online television channel @CTVSA to educate children and adults alike about the African continent.


Stacey Fru Foundation's work was found to align with that of the World Youth Forum.


This platform is known for implementing to promote peace, prosperity, harmony and progress around the world. Its aim is to unite youth all around the world with the decision-makers and different influential offices. It is determined to create change in the world and it is usually held in Egypt Since 2017.


The World Youth Forum's agenda includes: Implementing the youth, peace, and security agenda in the Sahel Region, Ceremony, WYF insight, The future of scientific Research and health care, The Nile Valley: the pathway for ARAB Africa integration, The impact of financial Technology and Innovation on African and ARAB Region, How to be a successful entrepreneur and many more.


The Forum has a major impact on the future generations and hoping that more productive businesses will be implemented.


On the Event and Award, Stacey said, "As the youngest participant of this event, I feel very excited to be able to attend the Arab Africa Platform of the World Youth Fourm 2019 in Aswan, Egypt. I have never been overseas, so I am very happy to be going to such a place that will impact young people and encourage them to read and write and also to be safe and secure. Exactly the goals of my foundation, the Stacey Fru Foundation. I look forward to many more trips that will have impacts like this one. I thank the president of Egypt and his team for choosing me."


"About the award, I feel so good. So good that a person so big like the President of Egypt recognised my work among just 5 Africans and 9 Arabians. It is time for the African child. I dedicate this Award to every child from Cape to Cairo and from Damascus to Amman. Actually, it is for all children of the World. It is time for children."




 Congratulations Stacey Fru!!!!


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